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1 Habit for a Thriving Home Office

Habits for a Home Office

Have you recently made the switch to working from home (WFH)?

Are you a WFH veteran but have never really given thought to how you work from home productively? 

Working from home does have lots benefits. There’s no commute/traffic, you can wear pajamas “to the office”, and have a little more flexibility in your schedule. However, it can also come with some productivity challenges.

We teach organized systems and productive habits to help stay motivated, focused, organized, and productive. Habits are things you do innately; that you do not have to think about doing. Habits are established in your routines. They are ingrained in the way you go about your work and your day. 

Effective habits help you stay focused on priority tasks so you get more important things done in less time. Habits can help you to increase revenue, save time and reduce stress. They make work (and life!) easier. Solid habits allow you to get desired results (our favorite definition of productivity!) easier.

Introducing 1 Habit for a Thriving Home Office

As a CPO and Productivity Consultant who has worked from home since 1999, Debbie is thrilled to have co-authored a new book.

1 Habit for a Thriving Home Office”, is available now on (currently in paperback and Kindle versions; hardback and audio versions to follow). Debbie said “yes” to this project because she is passionate about helping people experience joyful productivity. She’s also passionate about helping people establish habits that give them more time for what matters most. And she’s passionate about the benefits of working from home.

This book is for anyone who wants to avoid traffic, a long commute, reduce their carbon footprint, save time, minimize interruptions in their work day, have more control over their schedule, focus on priorities and make significant contributions to their business, company, clients, or the world.

It is a collection of best practices from happy achievers who productively work from home having a positive impact and influence on those they serve. Happy achievers are organized and manage their time; they get important work done. When working from home they also save time, money and the environment while they do so.

Anyone can work from home, but this book is full of ideas to help you do so successfully and productively.

The chapters in this book offer the best Habits of a wide variety of professional. The contributing authors hail from different parts of the world, different industries, different life situations and have different styles and needs. Implement any of the variety of habits described in this book to help you too have a thriving home office. 

Learn 1 Habit for a Thriving Home Office that will make the biggest difference for you today.

Share with us which one that is for you!

Take action! Purchase your book, review it, and let us know what you change as a result.

If Working From Home Productively (and having more time for what matters most) is a Goal, We Have Some Additional Related Resources for You

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Finally, if you could you use some help establishing habits that will help you be more organized and productive while working from home, let us know. Contact us to learn more about how we can be a resource you or your team.

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