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4 Steps to Getting Organized for Family Fun

There are so many resources available with ideas and information for fun family activities.  You likely get ideas via email, blogs, social media, publications and word of mouth.  It can be overwhelming.  Even though there are many things you could do with your family, how many times do you forget to do them?  Simply Placed helps busy families get organized to spend less time regretting missed opportunities and more time enjoying time and new experiences together.

Here are steps you can take to make good ideas a reality for your family.

  •  Establish a collection point for good ideas.  This may be a hardcopy list, a file folder or a digital list, note or folder.  It’s important that all of your ideas go into this one collection point.
  • Set a frequency for reviewing your idea files.  On a regular basis review the ideas you’ve collected and make decisions about what you want to do and what’s no longer relevant for your family.  Consider doing this seasonally or monthly.  Weekly is too short to give you adequate time for getting tickets, supplies or gear and making related plans.  Choose when you want to do this and add it as a recurring to-do to your task list or calendar.
  • Choose wisely.  You won’t have the time and resources to do everything.  Make wise decisions that realistically fit within your family’s interests, energy level, budget and other obligations.  It’s easy to over-commit.  This is a good time to include your family in the process.  Ask for their feedback and maybe take turns choosing.
  • Make a plan.  Make a plan to bring your ideas to reality.  Schedule the time on your calendar and do the work to get tickets or supplies.

Work through these steps and get organized for family fun!  Need support getting started?  Take advantage of a free 15 minute phone consultation with a Simply Placed Professional Organizer and Productivity Consultant.  Schedule your free consult today.

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