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5 Tips for Going Paperless – Tech Talk Thursday

While there’s still no such thing as a 100% paperless life, reducing the volume of paper coming into your life is definitely a good thing.  Making the choice to convert your paper to digital docs may feel daunting at first, but it’s totally attainable with these 5 easy steps:

  1. Switch to digital delivery when possible. This is your primary opportunity to reduce the amount of important paper coming in. Most financial institutions and service providers are now happy to provide you with a digital statement. After all, they save money on printing and postage.
  2. Opt out of junk mail. We wrote a blog post about this recently, which you can check out here.
  3.  Get a good scanner. Make sure the scanner has automatic document feed capability – trying to go paperless with a flatbed scanner will create more problems than it will solve. We LOVE the Fujitsu ScanSnap.
  4.  Process paper immediately.  Decide to scan it, shred it, or recycle it immediately. Don’t let it pile up or it will become a tedious chore that you won’t want to tackle.
  5.  Don’t forget to back up your files. Understand what documents you need to retain and make sure that you have a system for backing up those digital files.

Are you trying to make the move to a paperless office? With a little planning, you can avoid the classic pitfall of swapping your paper clutter for digital clutter. Call us – we’d love to help you make the switch!

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