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Conquer Cord Clutter!

Got cord clutter? Keep all those wires neatly organized and accessible with a colorful cord management system!  The value pack from Dotz  has a variety of useful, color-coded accessories that keep track of which cord does what!

The value pack  includes everything you need to conquer cord clutter once and for all.  The brightly colored identifiers help you tell cords apart and the cord straps bundle them together.

The cord wraps also keep them contained and out of sight.  No more tripping over tangles of unsightly cords or wasting time trying to find the cord you need.  Great solution for home entertainment and computer areas or for that mess of cords under your desk at the office.

Interested? Take advantage of a 57% savings with the Mamapedia deal on the Value Pack, but don’t wait, that special offer is only good through the end of the day today.

How do you keep your cord clutter in check, we want to know!

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