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Accountability is the Secret to Achieving Your Goals

Want to know the secret to achieving your goals and getting your important work done? It’s not time management alone, or even apps or tools – it’s ACCOUNTABILITY. But what does that mean? And how do you create this for yourself? Do you have someone to help you keep your goals moving forward?

Debbie has long used accountability as a productivity strategy to help her get things done. She recently posted about how she has used a coach, mastermind group, and accountability partner to hold her accountable. Having had personal success with this strategy for years, Debbie has incorporated it as an offering through Simply Placed services, consulting and coaching so that she can help her clients experience the same benefits. The Productivity Show’s host, Brooks Duncan saw the post and instantly invited Debbie to share her experience on the podcast.

In this episode of “The Productivity Show”, Debbie discusses how she leverages accountability, personally, and helps clients do the same. Doing so helps them accomplish goals and have more time for what matters most to them.

If you’re curious about how accountability helps you reach goals and be more productive, want to learn more about the accountability “trifecta” and how it can make a difference in your life or work, you’ll want to listen. 

Integrate accountability into your goals and get results! 

When you have a goal you’re trying to reach, it helps to have a nudge to get started. By sharing goals or priorities with someone else, you’re less likely to procrastinate action. Knowing someone may ask you about your progress is often just enough to start the ball rolling. When you commit to someone else the steps you’re taking you’re more likely to stick to that plan.

When you share your goals with someone else you create energy and momentum to follow through. You’ll keep at it and work through challenges. An accountability partner or coach is a highly effective way to increase your productivity – personally and professionally. If you don’t already have an accountability partner, think about someone you could ask. An Accountability Partnership is a two-way relationship (in return, you hold them accountable for what they’re working on). It’s a win for them, as well.

We help people understand how accountability can help them get started, stay the course, follow through, and complete projects. It can help you get “un-stuck” and make forward progress. If you’re spinning your wheels, This can be a powerful strategy to use.

Are you interested in learning more about how accountability can be integrated into your life and/or work? Schedule your free, no-risk Discovery Call and let us help you reach your goals. Doing so just might change your work or life for good. We look forward to talking!

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