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Accountability Helps You Stay on Track and Sustain Results

Accountability helps you stay on track and sustain results

What is accountability? 

Accountability is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as “the quality or state of being accountable; an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility for one’s actions.” 

Accountability is a willingness to accept responsibility for our own actions.

Whether it is a project that seems overwhelming or a goal that we want to achieve, we can all use a nudge from time to time. When we share those goals or priorities with someone else, we are less likely to procrastinate or put them off. Knowing that person may ask us about our progress (or better yet, planning on it) is often just enough to start the ball rolling. 

The benefits of an accountability partner

Motivation helps get you started, but in order to stay on track and sustain the results, you need an accountability partner! When we commit to something to another person, we are much more likely to follow through. Studies show that if you have an accountability partner, you’re 65% more likely to compete a task and you’ll increase your chance of success by up to 95%! 

Do you have someone to help you keep your goals moving forward? If not, you would be surprised to learn how motivating and powerful it is to be accountable to someone.

Once you choose your partner, here are a few ways to get started:

  • Share your goals with them
  • Be specific in describing the steps you plan to take
  • Schedule regular check-in times; ask them specifically to hold you accountable for progress
  • Revisit your goals, strategy and progress periodically with them to make sure you’re on the right track 

Sharing your goals with someone else creates a lot more energy and momentum to follow through, keep at it, and work through challenges. An accountability partner is a highly effective way to increase your productivity – personally and professionally. If you don’t already have an accountability partner, think about someone you could ask. Because this is a two-way relationship (in return, you hold them accountable for what they’re working on), it’s a win for them as well.

Accountability in action

In February, our “It’s About Time” virtual productivity program will focus on Accountability in Action. Participants will learn how accountability works as a productivity strategy, how to choose a partner to hold them accountable, structure the relationship, conduct check-ins and much more. If you could benefit from this, or other productivity strategies, we’d love to have you join our group!

Are there other productivity challenges you’d like to overcome? Do you need an accountability partner that won’t let you fail? We play that role with our Six-Month Productivity Transformation Package clients. It’s a valuable part of the program that leads to results.

Schedule a free discovery call and let us help you make this your most productive year, personally and professionally. With accountability, you will stay on track and sustain the results!

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