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Organized Holidays: Creating Active Holiday Traditions

Create Active Traditions during the holiday season

Do you find yourself inside a lot more during the winter months? “Busy” with holiday stuff and not able to make as much time to exercise as you’d like? Planning to enjoy a little more to eat this time of year and want to find some ways to combat the extra calories?

There are plenty of things you and your family or friends can do together this holiday season to create active traditions. Getting some great exercise during the holidays can be fun and healthy.

Check out Debbie’s video on the topic:

Head Outside

There are some great local runs and unique active events in most cities during the holiday season. You’ll likely find Turkey Trots, Jingle Bell Runs, Resolutions Runs, seasonal ice skating rinks and Polar Bear Plunges (brrr!). Create your own family “event” by having a leaf raking party. Organize a “turkey bowl” with some friends and play football, instead of just watching it on TV. Go caroling outside, or just institute a simple post-meal family walk to burn off the extra calories enjoyed after a big holiday meal.

Move Your Body Inside

If the weather outside isn’t cooperating, think of some active indoor activities. There are several you can incorporate during the holidays that are both fun and will get you moving. Most local community centers have “open gym” times where you can go play pick-up basketball. At home, break out the game “Twister” for some activity and a lot of laughs, or put on some music and dance the night away as you decorate (or un-decorate when the holidays are over).

Get Moving!

Check out the options in your local area or create your own active traditions this year. Let us know what you decide to do. We love to be inspired into action by our clients and community and look forward to hearing your ideas.

Have a lot of “to-dos” this time of year? See if you can involve your family and turn some of the chores into new traditions and family fun as well.

How can we help you have a more organized holiday season this year? Here’s to more joy and less stress for you this month and into the new year!

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