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All the Better to Serve You With!

Our final new addition to the team this Fall is Cailin, our new Client Service and Marketing Assistant for Simply Placed.  If you remember our previous post, Simply Placed has been expanding the team!  Below is some information about our latest addition.


Cailin Shovkoplyas has a degree in Communication Journalism from the University of Washington and is also a certified technical writer.  She enjoys working with clients and being a resource to them.


Cailin loves providing people with whatever they may need to help bring balance into their home and work lives. She believes any goal can be achieved with a little enthusiasm and the willingness to embrace new habits.


She joined Simply Placed in 2011 as a client service and marketing assistant.  Cailin is often the first point of contact someone will have with Simply Placed and she’s perfectly suited for that role with her resourcefulness, professionalism, compassion and “can-do” attitude.

When she isn’t communication with clients, Cailin can be found cooking, baking and spending time with her husband.

Cailin can be reached by email at or by phone 206-579-5743 Ext. 702.

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