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An Easy Button for your Holiday Cards

Want to get your holiday cards (or “anytime” correspondence) sent out quickly and painlessly with the click of a button?  Send Out Cards allows you to send a real card, with a real stamp, even in your handwriting if you choose, online and easily. You can send a card one at a time, or create a card and send it to a group of people in the same amount of time as it takes to send one card.

When first introduced to Send Out Cards, we thought it was pretty cool, but it wasn’t until we started using it more that we saw the possibilities. We were so excited about how this could help our clients organize their correspondence and make their “keep in touch” efforts easier, that we became a distributor for Send Out Cards so we could help spread the word.

Contact us  for a trial account and send a card or two out on us.  We’re convinced this is a great way to organize and create systems around your correspondence.  Send Out Cards is a fantastic tool to help you get in touch, keep in touch and stay “top of mind.”  Follow through on promptings; build your personal and professional relationships today.  Your life will be richer for it  in many ways. Your business can benefit by using Send Out Cards as a very personal, customizable marketing tool. Stand out from the masses. Who doesn’t like getting a hand written card in the mail amongst all the junk and impersonal mail we normally get. What type of mail do you get excited about and open first when you see it? Point made!

Send Out Cards is efficient, organized, productive and economical. We’d be happy to tell you more about it or answer your questions. Just ask.

Let us know  what you think about this “out of the box” organization and productivity tool that we’ve found beneficial.  We love to share great ideas when we come across them!

That was easy.

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