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Small Investment Yields Huge Returns for It’s About Time Participant

In the words of our clients

We love to receive feedback from our clients, and there is no greater feeling than knowing we have helped to make a positive impact in someone’s life.

“An Incredible Return on Investment”

Feedback from a member of our “It’s About Time” Program. In her words …

It’s About Time” is a program where I put in about 2 hours a month and I get back 10 or more; an incredible return on investment. (PS: that 2 hours can be live or recorded to view at your convenience!).

The monthly topics are timely and relevant and have helped me succeed both personally and professionally. You are able to choose how you’re going to tackle each monthly challenge, and “It’s About Time” helps you to create a road map to get there in simple do-able steps to help you achieve your goals month after month! Sharing with other members helps with accountability and if you fail, Debbie’s coaching is inspiring and motivating to help you get back up and try again. In the words of our clients

I thought long and hard about investing the money in this program since my number one goal is to pay off credit card debt this year. I took a leap of faith hoping that this program would help more than it hurt financially, and after 2 years of “trying” to get out of debt, the “It’s About Time” systems and accountability helped me to pay HALF of my debt in 3 months! What will I do with all this extra money and time?!
I can’t say enough good things. ~ Amy Morehouse

Our clients mean the world to us

Thank you, Amy! It’s a pleasure to work with you to help you achieve your goals!  We’re so glad you’re in the program and getting such a great return on your investment. Keep up the great work!

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