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Announcing Our New Corporate Programs

How to Run Effective Meetings & Stop Wasting Time

We are excited to announce our new corporate consulting and training programs!

Understanding the many productivity challenges faced by busy employees, managers, executives and business leaders, we’ve listened to you and created new programs and packages based on your biggest needs.

Simply Placed works with companies who recognize that their human resources are their greatest asset and want to help their employees maximize organization, productivity and satisfaction so that they are fully engaged, provide excellent service, seize opportunities and achieve highly successful results.

Our services include both comprehensive and targeted programs that vary in depth, duration and frequency to meet the needs of each organization’s goals, schedule and budget. The three building blocks upon which our training and consulting programs are designed include one-hour presentations focused on a specific topic, half-day group training sessions, and one-on-one implementation support.

Comprehensive Programs
We offer five comprehensive programs that provide the most complete organization and productivity training, delivered in different formats so that each organization can select the duration and frequency that best suits their goals and needs. Complementary topics from our targeted workshops are combined and customized for each audience. These programs are ideal for work teams or groups of high potential managers, emerging leaders, newly promoted managers or new employees.

Our comprehensive programs include Optimized Employee Onboarding for ensuring that new employees establish and maintain organized and productive systems right from the start, Foundational Productivity Principles, Essential Productivity Skills, Effective and Optimized Employee training programs and implementation support to help employees develop organized systems and productive habits so they can work more effectively and produce at their best. The Executive VIP Experience is our white-glove intensive that provides effective and rapid results for executives and managers seeking a higher level of productivity and success. Our You’ve Got To Move It, Move It program combines workshops and hands-on support to ensure a well-organized office move, with minimized down time or loss of productivity.

Half-Day Workshops
We also offer five half-day workshops: The Best Laid Plans, Get It Done, Optimize Outlook, Unearth Your Desk, and People Power. Our half-day classes are a full immersion into gaining the awareness needed to begin changing behavior and habits—a solid foundation from which to build core competencies. The curriculum for our half-day classes is created by combining complementary building blocks from our targeted workshops. Workshops can also be combined to provide a full-day training experience.

Companies who offer this training on a regular basis see the greatest return on investment, as they create a culture of focus, organization and productivity, decrease productivity-killing stress and anxiety in their workforce, improve employee’s abilities to follow up and follow through on assignments and priorities, recover quickly from unexpected interruptions and get more done in less time.

Targeted Presentations
Our targeted presentations are designed to effectively address the biggest and most common productivity challenges. These are powerfully delivered in 45-60 minutes to help quickly jumpstart positive habits. These ten topics are the building blocks of our longer workshops and comprehensive programs.

Implementation Support
Many companies ask us to work with employees one-on-one or in small groups to customize what they learned, individualize implementation learned in group training, address questions or concerns, go deeper into a particular area, or provide accountability for putting lessons into action. This support takes the return on investment to an even higher level.

Individual Consulting, Coaching & Accountability
Individual consultation and hands-on sessions allow for the ultimate in customization. Our consultations combine coaching, hands-on organizing, one-on-one training and accountability to inspire individual development and instantaneous change.

Whether you need help clearing clutter and organizing your office so that you can easily find what you need when you need it, or want to consult on more effective ways to manage your time, tasks, email, priorities, meetings and team, we’ve got you covered. Not only do we help you implement new systems and habits to achieve the results you desire, we can also help hold you accountable for sustaining the change and increasing your results over time.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you, your employees and your business thrive.


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