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Archived Newsletters

July 26, 2018 – Take Back Control of Your Life
July 11, 2018 – News You Can Use; Tips to Get and Stay Organized
June 19, 2018 – Getting Organized for the Health of It
June 4, 2018 – Pick a Space, Any Space
May 2018 – What is Disorganization Costing You?
April 2018 – Is Your Desk a Mess?
March 2018 – The Myth of Multitasking
February 2018 – The Power of Accountability
January 2018 – New Year, New You
December 2017 – Give Yourself the Gift of Productivity
November 2017 – Organized Travel Helps You Be More Productive
October 2017 – What Are Your Challenges to Productivity?
September 2017- Organizing for Less Stress
August 2017 – How Can Simply Placed Help You? 
May 2017 – Recap on Practical Minimalism

April 2017 – When Is Less Actually More? 
March 2017 – Taming Your Email Beast 

February 2017 – Stop the Insanity: Fight Procrastination and Achieve Those Goals!

January 2017 – Happy New Year from Simply Placed!
December 2016 – Want less Stress this December? 
November 2016 – Is this an Overwhelming Time of the Year for You?  
October 2016 – It Pays to Increase Productivity at Work
September 2016 – Can you Afford not to Invest in your Greatest Asset?

August 2016 – Four Secrets to Achieving More with Less
July 2016 – Declare Your Independence from “Too Busy”

June 2016 – How Much is Disorganization Costing You and Your Business?
May 2016 – How You Make Your Bed is How You Live Your Life
April 2016 – Feeling Adrift? Anchor Yourself with Productive Daily Habits
March 2016 – Distractions Getting in your Way?
February 2016 – Do You Have a Love/Hate Relationship With Email?
January 2016 – Get Organized for Success in the New Year
December 2015 – Our Gift For You: Get Organized For Travel With Our Trip Planning Checklist
August 2015 – Here’s Your Toolbox For Getting Organized at Work
July 2015 – Here’s the Secret to Getting More Relaxation from Your Vacation
June 2015 – It’s About Time!
May 2015 – Here’s the Trick to Getting Results from the Best-Selling Ideas
April 2015 – Want to Know the Secret to Getting More Done?
March 2015 – Spring Means Change and New Opportunities
February 2015 – Here’s How to Get Organized for Better Health
January 2015 – Get Organized for New Year’s Resolution Success
December 2014 – Get Organized and Get Things Done During this Busy Month
November 2014 – Get Organized for the Holidays and Enjoy the Season
October 2014 – Here are small changes you can make that have a big impact on your productivity, sense of well-being and organization.
September 2014 – Organize for Learning Success
August 2014 – What Does Workplace Disorganization Cost You?
July 2014 – Organize For Less Stressful Travel
June 2014 – Organizing Memorabilia 
May 2014 – Spring Cleaning Success
April 2014 – Reduce The Pain and Cost of Moving
March 2014 – Ways To Better Organize Paper
February 2014 – Dealing With Digital Disorder
January 2014 – New Year – New Start
December 2013 – Tips for a Joyful Holiday Season 
November 2013 – Organize for Happy Holidays
October 2013 – Tips for Jumpstarting Your Productivity
September 2013 – Back to School, Back to Routine
August 2013 – Improve Your Productivity
July 2013 – Christmas in July?
June 2013 –  Are You Ready for a Vacation?
May 2013 – Do You Know the Optimal Time to Organize?
April 2013 – Celebrate Earth Day
March 2013 – Take Spring Break to Spring Clean
February 2013 – Appreciating the People in Your Life
January 2013 – Regroup After the Holidays
December 2012 –  Stay Productive this Holiday Season
October 2012 – Small Changes for a Big Impact
August 2012 – Transform Your Workspace
April/May 2012 – Office Organization
March 2012 – An Organized Life is a Healthy Life


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