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Working With a Coach Can Accelerate Your Results

Benefits of working with a coach

I have always benefited from working with a coach.

When I wanted to be a “runner” in high school but didn’t believe I could, I joined the track team. I had a distance running coach who believed in me and guided the way. When I wanted to do a Sprint Distance Triathlon, I joined a training team and learned from a coach and others who had “been there, done that”. In my 40’s, I wanted to run a sub-8 min mile (a big deal for me). So I worked with a coach and personal trainer and I did it (one exhilarating 7:53 min mile!).  

When I want to learn something new in business, improve a skill or reach a particular goal, I work with a coach. This is partly because I know myself to be an Obliger. I respond well when I commit to someone else (see Gretchen Rubin’s book, “The Four Tendencies” to learn more).

Also, when I want something, I want the most effective and efficient path forward. I want someone to help me create a plan by assessing my starting point. A coach will help me find clarity around my objective and desired results. They will map out with me the action steps to take, hold me accountable to action and celebrate my success. 

That’s what I’ve gotten out of working with coaches in the past. Now it’s my favorite work I do with the clients I consult with and coach in my business. 

Now I get to coach others to accelerated results

I love to help my coaching clients gain clarity around the results they want, identify time wasters and obstacles getting in their way, prioritize, block and manage their time so that they make consistent progress, and create systems they can use repeatedly to simplify their work and life as they pursue their goals.

Results are accelerated with a coach who not only will help you clarify what you want and why, tackle what’s in your way, help create your path to success, but also ensures you take action. Intention is one thing, but implementation is the key to success. Accountability from a coach can be a powerful ingredient to accelerated results.

Want to explore how coaching can help you reach your goals faster and with greater ease?

Are you wanting to accomplish something, make a change or just actually have (and take) time for what really matters to you? I’d love for you to book a complimentary Discovery Session with me to explore what it might be like to work together. I’d be honored to partner with you so that you reach that goal, have and take time for what matters most to you, and achieve the results you’re after. Let’s explore the possibilities!  

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