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Better Student Organization Improves Grades and Reduces Family Stress

School is a family affair and poor school-related organization can negatively impact the entire family.  Students and families that struggle with disorganization, either to keep track of things or manage time or both, report high levels of stress and unhappiness.  Poor school performance due to disorganization strains parent-child relationships.

Teaching and improving organizational skills can significantly improve school performance and reduce stress for the entire family.

If you have struggling student or are experiencing family stress, keep reading to find out how you can help make positive changes through improved organization.


Is my student disorganized? 

There are a variety of factors contributing to poor performance in school.  Read this article to find out if disorganization my be hindering your student.

Planning reduces stress and nagging for everyone.

It’s common for students to perceive their parents as nagging when parents attempt to check in to make sure students are doing their assignments and are setting enough time aside to complete projects on time.  Despite good intentions, these conversations can quickly become emotional and unproductive.  A way to alleviate this stress is to commit to a routine for planning.  Set aside a consistent time each week to meet with your student to review upcoming deadlines and to facilitate the planning process.  Project planning is a learned skill and these weekly conversations can help your student learn how to more effectively and productively prioritize tasks and manage time.  These weekly check-ins also help manage expectations between you and your student so that you can perhaps reduce nagging and mutual frustration.  Using a planning tool is a critical component for helping students plan.  Read our 5 Best Practices for Using a Student Planner.

The backpack ate my homework and other reasons for not turning in homework.

Many students report completing their homework and yet fail to turn it in. Often hardcopy homework gets lost in a backpack or locker or left at home.  When this is the case, helping a student declutter a backpack or locker and setting up an organized strategy for capturing and transporting assignments is just the solution for getting homework turned in on time.  The articles below can help.

Simply Placed can help improve student organization.

As parents you know you will always be your child’s best advocate and that it isn’t always possible to be your child’s best teacher.  This is where Simply Placed can help.

Professional Organizers can help by:

  • Being a more neutral third party to help clarify how organizational deficits contribute to poor school performance and family stress,
  • Providing hands-on support and a proven strategy for decluttering and setting up organizational systems and 
  • Working with students and families to teach and model the organized behaviors associated with effectively managing resources, time and projects.

Take advantage of our group seminar Organize for School Success or Contact Us for a free phone consultation  to discuss your specific needs and ways Simply Placed can help.

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