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How to Keep the “Winter Blues” from Affecting Your Productivity

I love the seasons. Living in the Northwest for most of my life, I cherish our (relatively short) summers the most. It’s a running joke, but not entirely inaccurate that summer doesn’t really start until after the 4th of July. But from early July until about the end of September, there’s no placed I’d rather… Read more

Focus on the Action Rather than the Outcome

How to Stay Focused and Not Get Overwhelmed by Your New Year’s Goals 2022 is here and with it many of us have new goals we want to achieve this year. But as we wrote in “Make 2022 the Year for YOU!”, according to the New York Times, the average New Year’s resolution lasts for… Read more

Are You Ready? Make 2022 The Year For You

As 2021 comes to a close, Simply Placed would like to thank our community for their engagement, business, and conversation in this last year. We value the opportunity to be a part of your productivity journey and to help you have time for what matters most. Here’s Debbie’s New Year’s message to you:  Are you… Read more

Make 2022 the Year for YOU!

With 2021 ending and 2022 about to begin, many of us will engage in the annual ritual of setting resolutions and goals for the new year. Often our goals start with things we would like to do for ourselves such as read more books, eat healthier, make new friends, or go to the gym more… Read more

How to Stay Productive through the Holidays

Do you find that holiday stress impacts your productivity? Is it harder for you to focus on work this time of year because of the holidays? If you’ve noticed your motivation or productivity dipping, you’re not alone. Studies show that more than two-thirds of workers report being less productive in December compared to other months. Many of… Read more

Shop Our Black Friday Sale!

Are you looking for ways to add productivity to your life or work? Would you like to share that gift with someone else? Buy one of the following and receive the same item at no cost to GIFT to someone else! Visit our online shop to purchase/gift the following items: * Meal Planning Made Easy… Read more

Happy Thanksgiving from Simply Placed!

We are grateful for our Simply Placed community, clients, family and friends We want to extend our sincerest thanks to you for giving us the opportunity to do what we love. Helping you have time for what matters most matters to us. As we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving this week, we want you to… Read more

How to Consistently Plan for a Productive Week

Do you have a routine that you use for weekly planning in your work or personal life? What are the things that you do to set yourself up for success each week?  Weekly planning in action The best way to have a productive week is to prepare for it at the end of the previous… Read more

Productive Ways to Use an Extra Hour

Have you always wished for an extra hour in your day? This past weekend, most of us in the US got that very rare gift; when we set our clocks back one hour to adjust from Daylight Savings Time back to Standard Time. How did you spend your extra hour on Sunday?    Maybe you used… Read more

An Attitude of Gratitude Helps You Be More Productive

In times of stress or uncertainty, learning to embrace an attitude of gratitude can help you to be more productive. Expressing gratitude also helps you feel more grounded and better equipped to meet the challenges of your day.  Research shows that people are happier if they are grateful for the positive things in their lives. Who… Read more

How Do You Make Time For What Matters Most to You?

We all make choices with our time, but when it really matters, how do you make time for what matters most? Some days, it is just hard to fit everything you need to do into the 24 hours you’re given.  If you are overwhelmed by what you need to do or find things slipping through… Read more

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