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Working a Plan When you Have a Goal

Debbie is training to run her 2nd half marathon at the end of June.  She’ll participate in the Seattle Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon on June 26th. Way to go Debbie!!!!  The first thing Debbie did was make this a personal goal…she decided to commit to running a half marathon.  She shared her goal with important… Read more

Celebrating Women in Business

On May 4, 2010 from Noon to 4:30pm the Sammamish Chamber of Commerce will be Celebrating Women in Business.  The keynote speaker, Liesbet Trappenburg will present “You are Not Your Job!  Creating Sustainable Work/Life Balance.” Debbie has been asked to be one of three break-out speakers for this exciting event.  Debbie will be teaching “Multitasking Makes you Stupid.”  Learn why… Read more

Welcome Lynette & Wendy!!!

Please welcome our newest residential organizing teammates, Lynette Apley & Wendy Ayer.  Both Lynette and Wendy have been organizing for the past several years and we are very excited to have them as part of the Simply Placed team! Meet Lynette Apley: After 10 years as a media project manager at Microsoft, Lynette started professionally… Read more

Enjoying the Quiet

Life and work have been pretty “loud” lately. Business is thriving at Simply Placed and we’re doing some great things. Personally, I’ve had a significant event in our family, as my daughter prepared for and completed her Bat Mitzvah. That included a great deal of coordination and celebration with all the elements of planning a… Read more

Race to Nowhere

We recently came across this trailer for a documentary called “Race to Nowhere.”  This trailer shows how our kids are under so much pressure to perform well in school and extracurricular activities that they are feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and unhappy.  According to the students and teachers interviewed for this documentary, students are spending countless hours on homework each night,… Read more

Make it Fun

  Are you working on establishing a new habit that will positively impact your organization or productivity? Does it feel like a lot of work? One strategy is to find ways to make it fun. Make it fun – we’ve found this video example of how people will change their behavior if its fun. We see… Read more

Elements of a Good Reference Filing System

How many of you have a reference filing system in place at home and/or in your office that’s working well for you?  A reference filing system creates a home for those papers you already took action, or don’t need to act on, but need to keep for your records.  Are you able to find the papers… Read more

More Fuel for the "Focus" Fire

Yesterday I read two interesting blog posts about the dangers of multitasking. They seem in line with what I’ve written before about the Myths of Multitasking. One, written by my Accountability Partner, Jan Wencel, of Spark Productivity, references a statistic that equates the effects of multitasking while driving to that of driving under the influence with… Read more

Slow the *&%# Down!

I don’t swear. Hardly ever. Its just not me. Yesterday morning though, the phrase in the title came hurling out of my mouth, just after my life flashed before my eyes. I was on a early morning run, enjoying a light drizzle, some clean air, and the fact that I was almost done. I went… Read more

Come Stump Debbie on Ask the Organizer Panel

Debbie has been selected as a panelist for an upcoming event. Come see her this Saturday at the Bellevue Sheraton where she’ll be answering questions about organizing and the organizing industry. The National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO)Seattle Chapter is happy to annouce the first annual Vendor Fair and Ask the Organizer Panel.  This exciting event… Read more

End Your Paper Pain: File, Don’t Pile

Want to make it easy to file instead of pile? Learn the stragegies and the system on Wednesday, March 17th. Come join us for this fun, hands-on workshop where you will learn how to create a new, virtually maintenance-free filing system for your home or home-based business.  You’ll walk away with the system largely in-tact, ready to use for your… Read more

When it Makes (Dollars and) Sense to Delegate/Outsource

As promised in our post earlier this week, here are our favorite guidelines around delegation and outsourcing: Delegate things others can do faster than you, better than you, more economically than you, or that cause you great stress. You’ll free up your time to do the things that only you can do. There are certain things… Read more

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