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When it Makes (Dollars and) Sense to Delegate/Outsource

As promised in our post earlier this week, here are our favorite guidelines around delegation and outsourcing: Delegate things others can do faster than you, better than you, more economically than you, or that cause you great stress. You’ll free up your time to do the things that only you can do. There are certain things… Read more

Multitasking Makes You Stupid

Did we catch your attention? Are you under the impression that you have to multitask to “get it all done”? Well we’ve got news for you, it doesn’t work – not as well as you think it does. Come learn more on February 23rd, 2010 ,from 4:30 – 5:30 pm in our Open Enrollment class Multitasking… Read more

Why don’t you delegate?

Not getting everything on your to-do list done? Feel overwhelmed by the amount of work you need to do? Not enough time in your day? Did you take our challenge last week to use a time log and to identify time wasters you could eliminate, lower priority tasks you could minimize or get done faster,… Read more

A Timely Special

For the month of February we are offering “A Shot of Time Management” Mini Package which includes: The Simply Placed Time Log Debbie’s book, Six Word Lessons To Be More Productive A one hour Phone Consultation (We’ll discuss your time management or productivity challenges, how to use your time log, how to review and analyze the… Read more

Finding Time

Do you know where your time really goes? Yesterday, we posted about creating and using a time log to track your time for a few days. Note in 15 minute increments what you do throughout the day and be brutally honest. Remember, you are just trying to raise your awareness here, not trying to impress… Read more

Time flies when you’re … well, always!

Do you ever glance at the clock just before 5pm when the workday has almost come to an end and ask yourself, “what did I accomplish today?”  Are there days when you feel like you just couldn’t accomplish anything on your “to do” list?   One thing we recommend to our clients in this situation is… Read more

Let’s GO!

There are just a few days left to register for our upcoming GO (Get Organized) System Seminar. This is one of our most popular classes and is a great comprehensive workshop for anyone in business looking to increase focus, organization and productivity. Join us next Wednesday, January 27th from 9-12 at the Beaver Lake Lodge… Read more

Thanks Nancy!

Simply Placed and some recent publicity we’ve had were featured yesterday by PR Expert Nancy Juetten on her website and blog  Main Street Media Savvy. Thanks Nancy for your interest in our efforts to be seen and heard in our own backyard and beyond, and thanks for sharing our story with your readers! We’ve used some… Read more

First steps to Getting Organized in the New Year

Happy New Year!!! It’s the first official business day of 2010. Are you one of millions of Americans who have resolved to Get Organized? Start with making sure you have closure on the “things” involved with the Holiday Season of 2009. Put away any decorations used or new items received during the holidays and set… Read more

Special Package: Action Plan for Success in 2010

We would love to partner with you in helping you achieve your goals this year! We are here to provide our expertise, support and encouragement along the way and to keep you accountable.   Plan for Success in 2010 package includes:       A 1 hour phone consultation where we will walk you through the process… Read more

Make it Happen in 2010 – A few of our favorite strategies

If you’ve followed our last few posts, you now have a list of your goals for 2010. Next step – create an action plan. How are you planning to “make it happen?”  Here are a few of our favorite strategies: Break your goal down into next actions. For example – what is the first thing that needs… Read more

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