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Is Your Business Organized for Growth and Change?

Many things factor into a business’ ability to grow.  Is there a market opportunity for growth?  Can the business increase its scale to serve more or varied customers?  Can the organizational structure and stakeholders manage growing pains and change?  These are all important questions to answer when it comes to when and how should your business grow.  Another important aspect of being able to take advantage of growth opportunities is having an organized business.  An organized business is one that uses strategic and organized approaches for managing paper and digital media, maintaining a decluttered workspace and managing your time, tasks and communications.  Improving you business’ organization in one or more of these areas will give your business both the structural support and flexibility to sustain change and successfully grow.  Here are some ways you can bring better organization to your business today and simultaneously prepare for growth tomorrow.

When thinking about your business organization you want to focus on both today and the future.  Solutions and systems you adopt should support your being able to find what you need when you need it now as well as create a structure that will allow you expand to handle new staff or additional business in the future.

Organized Filing Systems – You need organized systems for fling both paper and digital media.  Consider your current system of paper or electronic files.  Do you have enough storage space to add more?  If not, is it because you don’t have a strategy for archiving or destroying old records?  If you added a new offering to your business, is there room and flexibility in your existing systems to incorporate it or would you need to create a new system.  If you added a new employee or collaborator, would he or she be able to understand your filing systems in order to work with you or would waste time and energy maintaining separate systems?  The ideal paper and electronic filing systems are simple and broad and designed for growth.  They are also designed to be intuitive or easy to learn so that others can use them too.

Organized Workspaces – Would clutter hinder your ability to move office?  Or would clutter impede your ability to bring on a new hire into the work space?  Clutter build up has many negative consequences, one of which is that it increases the time, energy and cost of making physical changes in response to business growth.  Regularly making time each week, month or year to clean up and declutter keeps your work space agile and ready for change whether it is simply adding a new monitor to your desk, adding a new desk to the office or physically moving to another workspace.

Productivity Routines & Habits – Do you have reliable routines and habits in place to manage you tasks, time and communications so things don’t fall through the cracks?  Routines designed to increase productivity increase the amount of time and mental capacity you have to add and focus on new opportunities.  Adopting sound productivity practices today provides you with a strong foundation for dealing with changing demands in the future.

Establishing and maintaining an organized business and organized productivity habits positions your business for future growth and change.

Need more ideas or hands-on support for getting your business or workspace organized?  Read more about how Simply Placed supports business clients here or contact us here.

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