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Business Organization Kenmore

Using Organization to Compete As a Kenmore Employer

Every business owner knows that to be successful in today’s economy you must be able to adapt your business to the ever-changing needs of both the consumer and your employees. Businesses compete not only for consumers but also to attract the caliber of employees that will take their companies to the next level.

Simply Placed has worked with many local businesses, from large corporations like Microsoft and Verizon, to small companies that are looking for ways to get ahead in a highly competitive market.

Simply Placed offers tools and systems that not only help increase revenue and productivity, but also help create work environments that are desirable for employees. Through organization, both the employer and employees can achieve a higher level of success, making it a win-win situation.

Work-Life Balance Is Key to Retention

Employee turnover is an expense that can hurt any business, big or small. Retaining quality employees should be a top priority, whether you own a small cafe or a large healthcare facility. It is very common for employees to leave an employer for better pay or benefits; however, what will make them stay is an employer that gives them a better work-life balance.

By using Simply Placed business organization systems, companies can create a work environment that allows employees to be productive while at work and still enjoy their time away from the job. Simply Placed will help to find ways for your employees to get more done in less time, allowing them to succeed in their positions while having time left for their family, friends and hobbies. This sense of accomplishment and fulfillment in both aspects of their lives benefits both them and your company’s bottom line.

Get the Organization Your Kenmore Business Needs To Succeed

Business Organization KenmoreAt Simply Placed we know every business has specific needs and challenges that they are looking to overcome. No one technique or system will work for every type of company, which is why Simply Placed offers a wide range of services to help businesses become more organized. We always approach each business as a unique client and offer customized solutions that will best fit their situation. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Individual Consultations. We offer one-on-one training sessions and productivity sessions to work directly on areas that are challenging both your business and employees. These can be a one-time consultation, ongoing trainings for new hires or regularly scheduled consultations, depending on your businesses needs.
  • Group Trainings. We offer a few different approaches to group training for businesses. From hour-long targeted workshops to ½ day comprehensive seminars, we can customize a presentation for your business, directly addressing specific areas of opportunity.

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We would love the opportunity to work with your company to increase productivity while achieving better work-life balance for your employees. To find out more about what we can do for your company, take advantage of our free 15-minute phone consultation. We will give you a quick overview of what we can offer with no obligation or pushy sales pitch. Give us a call or email us today!

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