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31 Day Practical Minimalism Challenge!

31 Day Practical Minimalism Challenge!

Intrigued by the Minimalism movement but feel like it is too extreme for you? Want to practice Practical Minimalism? Could you get rid of 465 items in your home or office right now? Join our May Minimalism Challenge, and by the end of the month you will have done just that! Last week we wrote… Read more

Practicing Minimalism, One Day at a Time

Are you curious about how our May Minimalism Challenge works? It’s easy and will have you feeling clutter-free and lighter by 465 items that no longer serve you by the end of the month!  How the Minimalism Challenge works On May 1st, find one item that you can work or live without and let it go…. Read more

Join Our “Less is More” May Minimalism Challenge!

We’ve all heard the phrase “Less is More”, but how many of us are actually living it? Would you benefit from letting go of clutter and items that aren’t adding value in your life anymore? Are you intrigued by the minimalism movement but aren’t sure where to start? Sign up to participate in a Minimalism… Read more

Work-Related Organizing Tasks You Can Complete in 30 Minutes or Less

In our continuing series of posts about “quick hit” organizing strategies, today we are focusing on work-related organizing or clean-up tasks that you don’t regularly take the time to do but that, once done, give you a better sense of control, improved systems or less stress.  Process 30 emails from your inbox or clean out a… Read more

“Quick Hit” Productivity Tasks Around Your Home

In Part 2 of our series on “quick hit” organizing tasks or projects, we are focusing on specific spaces. With the weekend coming, it’s a great time to focus on some general spring cleaning, or even tackle some semi-annual tasks you might have put off when you moved your clocks forward an hour for daylight savings… Read more

Sometimes it’s Productive to NOT be Productive

Are you feeling pressure to “be productive” with things around the house while you’re spending more time at home? There are lots of posts and encouragement to tackle big projects during the new-found “downtime” everyone supposedly suddenly has on their hands or to “keep busy” to ward off boredom.  Maybe you don’t have much, if… Read more

The Start of My Practical Minimalism Journey

My Minimalism Journey – by Linda Wenzinger Being an employee of Simply Placed I have the benefit of seeing clients homes transformed into a clutter free oasis quite frequently.  Unfortunately, my own home did not feel like an oasis at all.  I would get home from work and the first thing I would see was our… Read more

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