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6 Tips to Anchor Yourself with Daily Habits

6 Tips to Anchor Yourself with Daily Habits

Having big life goals is exciting, motivating and necessary for propelling yourself towards the things you want to accomplish. But sometimes enormous life goals can also create fear or overwhelm, which can cause you to feel stuck. Establishing small daily habits to automate certain areas of your life can help you build a sturdy foundation from which you feel more empowered to take… Read more

Cue Your Daily Routine

Making a daily plan is a great way to get organized, but the plan alone is not enough; to be successful you need to follow it. If you are not already in the habit of making a daily plan, you may need a trigger to remind you to do so. A good way to cue a new… Read more

Establish a Daily Routine and Stick With It

Cleaning and decluttering your house and office is great, but really getting organized goes beyond buying storage containers or downloading a time management app. The key to being truly organized is to set up systems that encourage organized behaviors and productive outcomes like a daily routine. Getting organized starts with baby steps that build new habits. Adopting… Read more

Harness Your Focus to Stay on Track

Do you lose track of time, skip meals and stay up late because you are so engrossed in something interesting, then realize that you forgot an appointment, ignored a commitment or got sick? While focus is necessary to be productive and achieve goals, sometimes hyperfocus can be detrimental. When those with the tendency to hyperfocus (common for many people… Read more

Easily Distracted? Clamp your Goals to Increase Focus

Distraction is a challenge for many people with today’s fast paced life, pressures to multitask, and the abundance of information coming from so many sources. Computers, mobile devices, the internet and social media are useful tools, but also contribute to an increasingly higher level of distraction. The more distracted we are, the harder it is to focus… Read more

How to say No at Work

These days many people employees are expected to do more work in less time. Since people want to appear eager, be a team player and be well liked, they often understandably say yes to increasing demands. But sometimes saying yes comes with a high cost — increased stress, decreased focus and lower quality work are just a few of the… Read more

Make Your Resolutions SMART

With a new year about to begin, many of us are thinking about making resolutions for things we would like to do, or stop doing, in the coming year. Many common new year’s resolutions are too lofty or vague, contributing to the cynicism and lack of follow-through people often feel about them not long after… Read more

Tomorrow – Business University Featuring Debbie Rosemont!

Join us tomorrow (register here)! Debbie Rosemont from Simply Placed will be presenting “What Are You Waiting For?” at the Swedish Issaquah Meeting Room at 11:30. Tickets are only $15 for Issaquah Chamber members and $25 for non-members! Debbie will help you discover why procrastination happens as she discusses the most common reasons and offers… Read more

What Does Speed Dating Have to do with Business Success?

Not much, except when the format is used so that you can learn and benefit in a “Speed Mentoring” style from a number of “winners” in business. Here is a fun way to learn from some experts and successful women in business as they share tips on how to run a business, grow business and… Read more

Building Habits that End Overwhelm and Bust Burnout

There’s a proven tie between managing personal energy and productivity. As such, it is our pleasure today to bring you a guest blog post from Wellness and Embodiment Expert, LeeAnn Mallorie, CEO of Leading in Motion It has been said that the way we do anything is the way we do everything. If we take… Read more

Why You Procrastinate, and How to Fight Procrastination – Read Now, Not Later

Do you know why you procrastinate?  Learning the answer to this question may help you put into practice strategies to overcome your procrastination tendencies.  Debbie Rosemont with Simply Placed  was recently interviewed by Sara Harvey Yao of  Yao Consulting on Blog Talk Radio. Debbie and Sara discussed the various reasons people typically procrastinate. These could include false beliefs (“I… Read more

Can a Professional Organizer Help You? Take Our Quiz

Wondering if you would benefit from working with a Simply Placed Professional Organizer and Productivity Consultant?  Take our quiz to find out! Answer Yes or No to each of the following questions.  Count how many times you answer Yes. Do you use your spare bedroom or garage as a junk-room? Are you overwhelmed when you think… Read more

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