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Study Smarter with These Agile Learning Strategies

Study Smarter with These Agile Learning Strategies

How can you increase your productivity with agility? Agile and agility have taken on buzzword status.  You hear these words used to describe fitness goals (increase agility), software development (agile programming), marketing and now learning.  The common theme in the use of agile across these fields is the idea that there is value to being prepared… Read more

Strategically Use Your Backpack: Organize for School Success

Pre-school through grad school, students have things to transport between home and the classroom.  Many students rely on backpacks throughout their education to contain and transport their things.  Too often backpacks become cluttered and finding things in the backpack becomes difficult. Lessen your stress and your load with these tips for making the most out of your backpack. Buy… Read more

Adopt Organized Systems for Note-Taking to Learn Faster

The purpose of taking notes is to remember information.  For some, it is simply the act of taking the notes that commits things to memory.  For others, the value of taking notes resides in being able to reference the notes later.  Most people benefit from both the experience of note-taking as well as the ability to reference… Read more

Organized Student: How to Organize School Work

Do you have a disorganized student? Watch Debbie’s video blog for some quick tips that could help your student stay organized at home and at school. Do you and your student need some hands-on help? Visit the Organize Your Student page on our website for more information on how we can help and get the… Read more

Improve Student Organization: 5 Best Practices for Using a Student Planner

A planner is an essential tool for helping students keep track of their assignments and commitments and to support their time and project management.  Planners alone aren’t particularly useful.  It is the habits and routines students use to input and retrieve information as well as the strategies they use for planning based on that information… Read more

Monday Mom’s Moment: Helpful Homework Hints (part 3)

Welcome to the final installment in our series addressing the challenges of the homework routine. Previously we blogged about creating the proper environment for your child in Helpful Homework Hints (part 1) and last week we talked about time management issues in Helpful Homework Hints (part 2). Today we’re exploring the virtue of patience. Helpful Homework Hint #3:… Read more

Monday Mom’s Moment: Helpful Homework Hints (part 2)

Welcome to the second installment in our series aimed at helping parents and students confront the common problems around homework time. Last week we blogged about creating the proper work environment for your student in Helpful Homework Hints (part 1). This week, we’ll be discussing time management issues. Helpful Homework Hint #2: Time management.  Ugh! This… Read more

Monday Mom’s Moment: Helpful Homework Hints (part 1)

Welcome to our new mini-series confronting the issues Moms (and Dads) face around the nightly homework routine. For the next three weeks, we’ll be discussing the most common issues, homework troubles and organization challenges facing parents and students and sharing unique solutions. Now that school is well underway, many of us have been reminded of the… Read more

Tech Talk Thursday: Online Lists for the List Lover

Do you love to make lists? Do you feel like something isn’t really complete until you can physically cross it OFF your list? If that sounds like you, then check out Listplanit – a wonderful online library of printable lists for anything and everything life might throw your way. On you will find lists… Read more

How to Keep Your Kitchen Office Organized

The kitchen is often the central hub of a home.  It’s the place where families gather to share a meal, where entertaining takes place and often where mail & other important papers end up.  Many families keep a small work desk in their kitchen where they coordinate the family’s schedule and keep other important papers.  If you… Read more

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