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10 Tips for Organized Holiday Air Travel

10 Tips for Organized Holiday Air Travel

If you are planning on airline travel during the winter holidays, getting organized now can help turn a hectic and stressful trip into a smooth experience. 10 Tips for Peaceful Holiday Travel Pack gifts and wrapping paper separately, wrap once you arrive. TSA is allowed to open any wrapped items – including in checked luggage. Plus gifts… Read more

Join Us On December 13 for “Organized For The Holidays”

Feeling stressed with all the holiday activity? Join our professional organizer Megan Russell for “Organized For The Holidays” at the Encompass Early Learning Center mom’s group meeting on Tuesday December 13th. Megan will share organizing ideas and tips that will help you enjoy and wrap up your holidays well prepared for the coming new year. The non-profit… Read more

Holiday Gift Giving: It’s Not About the Stuff

Storage option finding solution, Spare Foot, recently put out an infographic and statistics that we found fascinating. We’ve gotten their permission to share here. Their research shows what we believed to be true, and have written about before, when it comes to gift receiving preferences. For the majority of gift recipients, it’s not about the… Read more

Tips for Holiday Un-Decorating

With the new year here you may be planning to pack up holiday decorations soon. A little effort spent organizing your storage to prevent tangled lights and broken ornaments will be well worth it when you unpack your decorations next year. To help make decorating as fun and easy as possible next time around, take care while “un-decorating”… Read more

What To Do With Unwanted Gifts

With the holidays just passed, you or your family members may have ended up with some unwanted gifts you don’t know what to do with. Another sweater from the well-meaning grandparent that is not your style or size, book you have already read, or knick-knack you don’t have room for? Gifts from family and friends can… Read more

Weighed down by stuff? 4 Tips for Conscious Shopping

This time of year most of us do a lot of shopping. With long lists of gifts to purchase, parties to plan and trips to prepare for, we feel the need to buy more things. The ease of purchasing online can make it hard to avoid buying too much, sometimes things we don’t really need or even… Read more

How to Organize Your Pantry for the Holidays

Want more joy and less stress during the holiday season? Organize your pantry now so that you have an easier time finding what you need when you need it. Taking time to clear clutter and organize things in a way that you can easily access what you need to cook, bake or entertain, means you… Read more

4 Tips for How to Plan for Holiday Fun

And so it begins… the busy winter holiday season. There are many events, parties and traditions old and new to enjoy.  So many fun things in fact that without a bit of planning now at the beginning of the month you may run out of time, focus and stamina to truly enjoy the season.  Here’s… Read more

Here’s a Black Friday Deal that Buys You Time

There are many Black Friday ads that will save you money on things.  We’re pleased to offer you a deal that will help you save time and reduce holiday-related stress. ListPlanIt offers pre-planned checklists and timelines for you to use for holiday planning, gift-giving, travel and a variety of other events and activities you encounter… Read more

Get Help Organizing for the Holidays with ListPlanIt

An important key to reducing stress and overwhelm in the face of a busy holiday season is planning.  A small amount of time spent planning and preparing reduces wasted time in the future and frees up time to better enjoy the season. ListPlanIt has a resource to help make your holiday planning easy.  30 Days to… Read more

Get Ready to Wrap: Organize Gift Wrap Supplies

Having an organized storage solution and approach to gift-wrapping results in less stress, mess and wasted time.  Read below for tips and ideas for how to get organized and simplify your gift-giving experience so you can reduce stress and overwhelm and focus on the joys of giving. What kind of gift wrapper are you? The… Read more

4 Fall Organization Projects and Tips to Implement Now

With school now in session, we’re on the downhill slide to the busy holiday season. Now is the time to get yourself organized if you’ve let clutter get the best of you, if your holidays always turn to chaos or you just want to supercharge your existing organization skills. Here are some organizing projects to… Read more

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