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Goal Setting Success for the New Year: Reward Yourself

Goal Setting Success for the New Year: Reward Yourself

The time for setting New Year’s Resolutions has come again.  Do you have lofty expectaions of what you’ll accomplish each year, but find it can be challenging to follow through and stick to it? It can be hard without a plan. Let Simply Placed help. This is the first in a series of posts about how… Read more

Make the Most of your Post-Holiday Season Lull

The post-holiday slow down is here. Can you feel it? Does it seem hard to get things done this week? Lacking of motivation? Maybe you’re ready to check some things off your list, but you can’t reach anyone or get calls or emails back.  Difficult to focus on “normal business” this week when it seems as… Read more

Toss Tired Decorations: Tuesday Ten Minute Toss Challenge

Time for the Tuesday Ten Minute Toss Challenge!  RIGHT NOW spend 10 minutes tossing your old, broken and tired decorations while you’re putting them away for next year.  Ten minutes is plenty of time to sort through your holiday decorations while you’re boxing them up for storage until next winter.  Are some of your wreaths faded to an unacceptable shade… Read more

Toss Old Candles: Tuesday Ten Minute Toss Challenge

Time for the Tuesday Ten Minute Toss Challenge!  RIGHT NOW spend 10 minutes tossing out your old used candles before you have your extended family over for that candle-lit holiday meal.  Ten minutes is enough time to identify those long tapers with cracks, toss those candles that are so over-used you can no longer light… Read more

5 Tips for Organized Holiday Travel

Traveling during the holidays can be downright stressful, especially if your plans include a few stops at our nation’s airports.  So to make your season more organized and joyful we have complied the best tips for holiday air travel. Wrap gifts after you arrive at your final destination.  Don’t wrap gifts and packages if you’re planning on carrying them on board.  All… Read more

Send Real Cards…Without the Hassle!

With the ease of cell phones and email, the special personal touch of sending a physical card for any occasion has become  rare.  There is a great feeling that comes with receiving a card in the mail but it can be hard to find the time to buy postage, cards, envelopes, locate that address you have somewhere or… Read more

Holiday Help is Here for Any Budget!

There’s a lot going on in our homes for the next few months, holiday guests, gift wrapping and meal planning just to name a few.  Simply Placed has three ways we can help you have a more joyful season to fit any budget. For just $24.99 you can get our Simply Organized: Holidays eBook and… Read more

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Can you feel the change in the air where you live? Here in the Pacific Northwest, its been chilly the last few days, with talk of the snow in the forecast in some areas. As you reach into your coat closet for a warm coat, your gloves and scarf to wrap up, take an extra… Read more

Shopping in your PJs

Its hard to believe next week is Thanksgiving. Time sure flies when you’re having fun … and when the holiday season is upon us. The infamous day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday, is known for pre-dawn shopping specials, snagging deals, kicking off holiday shopping, and yes, for crowds, stampedes and craziness. Want to avoid all that?… Read more

Simply Placed Holiday Special

Stress-proof yourself for the holidays with Simply Placed! To help better prepare you and your family for the busy holiday season, we’re offering our Simply Organized: Holidays eBook and Workbook  free with the purchase of a 24 hour hands-on organizing package! How can Simply Placed help you during the holidays?  Do you have a dining… Read more

Save Time and Make Your Holiday Shopping List Now

  This time of year, the key to holiday shopping success is to spread it out.  You can save yourself a lot of time and stress by making your shopping list now and carrying it with you!  Once you’re out and about you can easily stop into a retail store nearby and cross a few things off… Read more

Office Organizing & Productivity Tips for Summer

For many businesses the summer season brings a different pace to the office. Anxious to get out and enjoy the nice weather, spend time with kids out of school on summer break, and take a vacation, we seek ways to get our work done faster. For some companies, the summer months also bring a slow… Read more

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