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Don’t Wait – Plan Your Summer Now!

Don’t Wait – Plan Your Summer Now!

Can you believe that summer is just a few months away?  I know if you’re in the Puget Sound area it is hard to imagine with all this rain, but the countdown for summer has definitely begun.  It may seem crazy, but if you haven’t already, it is time to start making your summer plans.  Minimally, this will… Read more

Update Your Filing System in Seconds – for FreedomFiler Users

We have so many clients who use the FreedomFiler, virtually maintainence-free filing system, we thought we’d pass on this reminder we received from the FreedomFiler company … Its time to swap your EVEN & ODD year files… no annual purge! (This takes seconds – no need for a big “clean out the files, create new… Read more

I’ll Show You Mine, if You’ll Show Me Yours

I’ve been asked recently about my personal philosophies on setting New Year’s Resolutions. While I don’t think they’re for everyone, I DO think goal setting is. Anyone can set a goal. Everyone can be successful in achieving SMART goals if they follow some simple tips. Since tip # 6 is all about sharing your goal with others,… Read more

To Resolve or Not to Resolve?

That is the question. What’s your take? I know some people that have made their last resolution ever … the have resolved not to make any more resolutions. Are you in this camp? For others, this time of year is a popular and optimal time to set goals, to look ahead, to create an action… Read more

Deck the Halls – the Easy Way

Does decorating for the holidays seem like a huge chore some years?  Would it be helpful to have a system in place to make decorating  less stressful and more enjoyable?  We think so!!!  Here are 5 simple tips on how to organize your holiday decor to make it easier to decorate with year after year: 1.) Designate a storage… Read more

How to Be a Holiday "Hostess with the Mostest"

Hosting a holiday party or having friends and family over for dinner seems like a fun and exciting idea, until, that is, you begin the frantic hostess entertaining dance. “I need to clean my house. What should I do about decor? How am I going  to seat all these people? What will I prepare? Do I  need to send… Read more

Taking the Stress Out of Holiday Meal Planning

Does the thought of meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking stress you out? If so, you are not alone. There are several helpful tips we have for you to help put those comforting holiday meals on the table with minimal effort required. Plan Ahead: What sounds good on the menu this week? Write down each… Read more

The Art of Holiday Gift Giving

Saw something the other day that would be perfect for someone on your list only to realize a few days later you actually didn’t make a list and forget what it was you wanted to get them? If this sounds familiar, now’s the time to grab a pen and paper, laptop, or cell phone and jot… Read more

This Year Will Be Different

Do you have good intentions and want to make a change, but find it hard to follow through? Do you set New Year’s Resolutions or Goals and lose steam by mid-January? Do you vow year after year that “This Year Will Be Different”? We can help! Whether you’re in our local service area or across… Read more

We Are Thankful For…

You! You, our beloved clients, readers and community, to whom we want to extend our sincerest thanks for giving us the opportunity to do what we love; helping you get and stay organized and make the most of your time. We want to acknowledge the hard work you put in as we realize getting organized… Read more

"Have Plan, Will Travel"

  It’s the time of year for friends and family to reunite and celebrate with one another. Some travel to see family and friends, some travel during a seasonal break from school or work to fun vacation desitinations and “get away” from it all. In either case, joyful anticipation usually fills the air, but for… Read more

Organized Holidays Radio Show Recording

I was a guest on Monday morning on the Peeling Mom Off the Ceiling Radio show on KKNW 1150AM. In case you didn’t catch the show live, I’ve put a copy of the recording on my website’s media page. Once you’re there, just click the title of the show and you’ll be able to listen…. Read more

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