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It’s About Time: Spring Cleaning Shredding and Recycling Events

Smead Asks the Organizer: Our Take on Minimalism

Minimalism Redefined Minimalism is all the buzz. Simplifying things at work and at home is a concept that has broad appeal, however, when defined by some as the extreme paring down of one’s possession, living space and even carbon footprint, “minimalism” can feel overwhelming. Attracted by the idea, but paralyzed to know where to start… Read more

How To Break The Cycle of Over-committing

Are you guilty of over-committing? It’s easy to get in a cycle of over-committing. How often do you find yourself saying “yes” to taking on an extra commitment at work, at home or in your community, when you really want to say “no”? We don’t want to disappoint others, so often we take on extra… Read more

Organized Holidays: Creating Active Holiday Traditions

Do you find yourself inside a lot more during the winter months? “Busy” with holiday stuff and not able to make as much time to exercise as you’d like? Planning to enjoy a little more to eat this time of year and want to find some ways to combat the extra calories? There are plenty… Read more

Last Minute Tips for Getting Organized for the Holidays

Ready or not, the holidays are upon us! Simply Placed has tips to help you get organized, reduce stress and make time to enjoy the season. Last minute tips for getting organized for the holiday season: Accept you can’t do it all. No matter what Martha Stewart and Pinterest may lead us to believe, no… Read more

Systems for a Stress-Free Holiday

It can be hard to stay focused at work when you’re thinking about all of the things that need to be done at home to prepare for the holidays. When you’re feeling overwhelmed by distractions, it helps to have systems in place. Here are a few systems that you can implement to reduce stress when you’re… Read more

How Systems Can Help You To Be More Efficient

At Simply Placed, we love introducing our clients to the concept of systems. A system is a set of steps or a process to follow, each and every time a task or function is performed. Systems are efficient: develop it once and follow it to save time when you execute. Whenever you follow a pre-determined… Read more

Fall Back and Tackle Your Semi-Annual Tasks

Daylight Savings Time is coming to an end this weekend and it’s time to “fall back”. Before you go to bed on Saturday night, remember to set your clocks back one hour! While changing the clocks is a pretty easy thing to remember, this is also a great time of year to think about some other routine tasks… Read more

Time Saving Tips to Make Mornings More Efficient

How do you start your day? Before you get on Email or jump on that conference call, tackle the #1 priority for the day. Get the monkey off your back. Eat the frog for breakfast. Whatever you want to call it, finish or make significant progress on the one task that will make the biggest… Read more

Recycling Collection Event – Sunday, Sept 17

The City of Sammamish and King County is holding a recycling collection event and rain barrel sale on Sunday, September 17th from 9am-3pm. If you are in clutter-clearing mode, here is an opportunity to get rid of those items that are normally difficult to toss! There are two locations: Eastlake High School 400 2228th Ave… Read more

Organize for School Success

Join Simply Placed Professional Organizer and Productivity Consultant, Lynette Apley, on Saturday, September 9th at 10am at the Sammamish Boys & Girls Club Teen Center as she presents “Organize for School Success“, in a session during the TeenWise event: “You Got This: Middle School Made Easy For Girls”. Lynette’s presentation is one of four sessions… Read more

Tips For How To Keep An Organized Car

How often do you get into your car and wish it could be more organized? Whether you just use your car for transporting people or things from one place to another, or if it is an extension of your office, you’ll feel less stressed if it is organized and tidy. Recently, I took a 5-day road trip… Read more

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