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Space Planning Tips for Your New Home or Office

Space Planning Tips for Your New Home or Office

Setting foot in a new home or office can be extremely exciting! You probably want to get started unpacking right away to get settled. Sometimes unpacking and setting up your old things in the same way can make your brand new setting less exciting.  To beat that boring feeling and feel fresh in your new home or… Read more

Get Organized to Leave the Nest for College

If you or someone you know is preparing to begin a year of higher education this fall, summer is the perfect time to get organized. Follow our tips to help your high school graduate get organized to leave the nest and go to college. Here are a couple of things they can do now so that… Read more

Green Moving: Tips for a Smaller Carbon Footprint

Moving can result in a lot of waste.  Stop creating mounds of trash for yourself and go green during your next move! 1. Drop the cardboard embrace reusable containers. The worst part of moving can be collecting cardboard boxes and then having to break them all down afterwards. Instead, try using plastic containers.  FROGBOX drops off… Read more

How to Create a Move-In Ready Checklist

  After the hustle and bustle of moving all of the boxes out of your old home and into your new abode is over it’s time to get unpacked and put-away. Make yourself move-in ready with a simple checklist to get organized and start tackling priority rooms! Begin with a walkthrough of your new home…. Read more

Moving Away? Get on Your Feet Faster by Lining Up Resources Now!

Getting ready to move out of town or even out of state? Knowing what resources you’ll have available in your new hometown can be just as important as moving your physical belongings. We have a great list to help you get organized about the resources you’ll need to have available when you arrive! New physicians…. Read more

Toss Old Packing Supplies: Tuesday Ten Minute Toss Challenge

Time for the Tuesday Ten Minute Toss Challenge!  RIGHT NOW spend 10 minutes tossing old and damaged packing and moving supplies.  Do you have bubble wrap that mysteriously has no bubbles?  Is your packing tape’s cutting blade duller than a butter knife?  Are your left over moving boxes from years ago starting to lose their strength, maybe they were… Read more

Consider a Self-Storage Unit as an Organization Solution

Are you downsizing your home? Have you recently moved or maybe you have large items you don’t use often? Although we often talk about “letting go” of items and clutter in your home, we know that a storage unit can be a great solution for organizing your current or future home. Downsizing your home is a big… Read more

Toss Stuff from that Unpacked Box: Tuesday Ten Minute Toss Challenge

Time for the Tuesday Ten Minute Toss Challenge! RIGHT NOW spend 10 minutes tossing stuff from that box you never finished unpacking during your last home or office move! Do you have papers, files, mementos or a box of miscellaneous items waiting for a home? If it has been a while since that move, there could… Read more

Tips for Getting Settled

Moving is a big deal! Whether it’s moving offices or upgrading or downsizing a home, the task of actually getting yourself settled can be overwhelming. Fortunately, with a little help and some savvy suggestions you can be less stressed. We have great tips below for getting settled sooner and services to help get you feeling at home… Read more

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