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The Start of My Practical Minimalism Journey

The Start of My Practical Minimalism Journey

My Minimalism Journey – by Linda Wenzinger Simply Placed wrapped up the 30 Day Practical Minimalism Challenge on Sunday and I wanted to share my experience during the challenge. It launched my minimalism journey. Being an employee of Simply Placed I have the benefit of seeing clients homes transformed into a clutter free oasis quite frequently…. Read more

Smead Asks the Organizer: Our Take on Minimalism

Minimalism Redefined Minimalism is all the buzz. Simplifying things at work and at home is a concept that has broad appeal, however, Minimalism, as defined by some others as the extreme paring down of one’s possession, living space and even carbon footprint, can feel overwhelming. Attracted by the idea, but paralyzed to know where to… Read more

Clearing Clutter at Home Can Increase Productivity at Work

Looking to increase productivity at work? Clear clutter at home! The Simply Placed community this month has been participating in a 30-Day Practical Minimalism challenge. Much of the clutter clearing has been done in our personal lives, but we wanted to address why this is relevant to our business clients and professional community. Clutter at… Read more

Free Paper Shredding Events: Spring Clean Your Files

Got Paper? Paper shredding on your to-do list? Spring is a great time to Spring Clean your files. Whether you are purging paper as part of our 30-Day Practical Minimalism Challenge, or coming across paper you no longer need as you pull the last documents you need to file your tax return, make sure to… Read more

Practical Minimalism: When Less is More

Considering Minimalism ‘There’s nothing wrong with possessions; it’s just that they add value to us only when we use them, engage them, enjoy them. They’re nouns that mean something only in conjunction with verbs…If you’re not careful you can end up with a garage full of nouns’. -Rob Bell Stop for a moment, whether you’re… Read more

Making Space for Relationships to Thrive

Happy Valentines Day!  Simply Placed consultants wish you a day filled with rich relationships, friendship, love, and organized spaces. If you have a significant other, you’ve probably encountered a time (or many times…) when ‘stuff’ has become an emotionally charged topic.  Whether it’s that comfortable (but ugly) LazyBoy that the man in your life refuses get rid… Read more

3 Key Areas to Organize at Work for Greater Productivity

Want to increase organization and productivity at work this year? Guest blogger, Jeriann Watkins has some ideas: The New Year is a great time to organize your office space and workflow. Getting things organized is a start, but keeping them organized will help you experience success on an ongoing basis. Once you create a new… Read more

Stand and Deliver

Many studies have shown the unhealthy effects of the sedentary lifestyle so prevalent in our contemporary society, especially for office workers. Sitting too much is taking a toll on our health, well-being and productivity. With the increased awareness of sitting disease, many people are realizing the importance of changing posture throughout the day to improve mobility, flexibility, health… Read more

Feeling Overwhelmed By Delayed Decisions?

As part of our series on small things you can do to make a big difference, today’s simple tip for reducing clutter is: make a decision! Barbara Hemphill of the Productive Environment Institute coined the phrase “clutter is postponed decisions.” When we leave email in our inbox, or things scattered around our homes or offices,… Read more

4 Tips To Keep Your Workspace Organized

When you have many different tasks to complete each day and several people who need you at any given time, it can be hard to find time to maintain organization. However, if clutter gets out of control, it can make it harder to find things, which cuts down on productivity. What are some ways that you… Read more

5 Tips For Mindful Shopping To Improve Organization

A large part of being well organized is about intention. Purpose.  It’s being thoughtful about how you store and use items and where you put them back when you’re done.  In other words, being mindful of your belongings and your environment. One thing that can sidetrack organization is when new items enter your space without… Read more

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