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Stand and Deliver

Stand and Deliver

Many studies have shown the unhealthy effects of the sedentary lifestyle so prevalent in our contemporary society, especially for office workers. Sitting too much is taking a toll on our health, well-being and productivity. With the increased awareness of sitting disease, many people are realizing the importance of changing posture throughout the day to improve mobility, flexibility, health… Read more

Feeling Overwhelmed By Delayed Decisions?

As part of our series on small things you can do to make a big difference, today’s simple tip for reducing clutter is: make a decision! Barbara Hemphill of the Productive Environment Institute coined the phrase “clutter is postponed decisions.” When we leave email in our inbox, or things scattered around our homes or offices,… Read more

4 Tips To Keep Your Workspace Organized

When you have many different tasks to complete each day and several people who need you at any given time, it can be hard to find time to maintain organization. However, if clutter gets out of control, it can make it harder to find things, which cuts down on productivity. What are some ways that you… Read more

5 Tips For Mindful Shopping To Improve Organization

A large part of being well organized is about intention. Purpose.  It’s being thoughtful about how you store and use items and where you put them back when you’re done.  In other words, being mindful of your belongings and your environment. One thing that can sidetrack organization is when new items enter your space without… Read more

Join Our Community To Get Organized and Be More Productive

Welcome to the Simply Placed community! In this short video Debbie Rosemont  invites you to join the conversation to learn more about becoming better organized and productive. She explains how you can receive our free monthly newsletter that contains valuable content and tips on organization and productivity, and how you can join our social media channels on Facebook,… Read more

Free Electronics Recycling Event in NE Seattle June 25th

On Saturday June 25th  from 10am to 3pm you can dispose of electronics and appliances at Faith Lutheran Church in NE Seattle’s Ravenna neighborhood, 8208 18th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98115. All recycling services are free! There will be a Creation Station Activity from 10am to 1pm in the church library. Items You Can Bring: Any electronics (working… Read more

These Hands Are Made For Writing

Evernote, Clear, OneNote or pen, pencil and notepad… are you a digital note taker or a pen and paper kind of person? If you’re like most people you have a preferred way to write your task list, either by typing it using software and your computer or other electronic device, or writing it by hand in… Read more

Butterfly Soup? It’s How You Frame It

This morning as I was enjoying my swim, I was reflecting on how much I enjoyed the previous day’s speaking engagement (I presented “Multitasking Makes You Stupid” for the Redmond Rotary Club) — how much I appreciated the interest and participation of the audience, how grateful I am to be able to help and witness people learn… Read more

6 Tips to Anchor Yourself with Daily Habits

Having big life goals is exciting, motivating and necessary for propelling yourself towards the things you want to accomplish. But sometimes enormous life goals can also create fear or overwhelm, which can cause you to feel stuck. Establishing small daily habits to automate certain areas of your life can help you build a sturdy foundation from which you feel more empowered to take… Read more

Simply Placed in Seattle’s Top 10 Professional Organizers

We are pleased to share that SpareFoot recently rated Simply Placed as one of Seattle’s Top Ten Professional Organizers. SpareFoot helps people locate storage facilities when moving, and publishes moving guides for several major cities through the U.S. Helping businesses and people move is one of our specialties. Whether relocating your company or your home,… Read more

7 Sanity Saving Strategies for Working Parents

Any busy working parent knows the challenges that come with preparing yourself for your work day and helping your children get ready for school. Getting everyone out the door in the morning can feel like a hectic fire drill – homework, lunch, snacks, water bottles, briefcase, laptop… there are so many things to remember, gather and… Read more

Spring Forward with a New Habit

Connecting a new habit or task you want to do with something you already habitually do or are externally triggered to do is a good strategy for adopting a new habit. For example, if you are having trouble remembering to take vitamins you want to take but you always fix yourself a cup of coffee… Read more

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