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Spring Forward with a New Habit

Spring Forward with a New Habit

Connecting a new habit or task you want to do with something you already habitually do or are externally triggered to do is a good strategy for adopting a new habit. For example, if you are having trouble remembering to take vitamins you want to take but you always fix yourself a cup of coffee… Read more

Cue Your Daily Routine

Making a daily plan is a great way to get organized, but the plan alone is not enough; to be successful you need to follow it. If you are not already in the habit of making a daily plan, you may need a trigger to remind you to do so. A good way to cue a new… Read more

Establish a Daily Routine and Stick With It

Cleaning and decluttering your house and office is great, but really getting organized goes beyond buying storage containers or downloading a time management app. The key to being truly organized is to set up systems that encourage organized behaviors and productive outcomes like a daily routine. Getting organized starts with baby steps that build new habits. Adopting… Read more

Paper Piling Up? Tips for Organizing Business Filing Systems

If you are like most business owners, you prefer to focus your time and energy on serving your clients and growing your business rather than on paperwork. For many business owners, paper quickly piles up due to lack of time, interest or good filing systems. But when papers are not well organized, time is lost looking for documents when they… Read more

Quick Tip for Improving Focus: Visualize and Verbalize

What does your day look like? We talk a lot about various tools and techniques for goal setting and time management. Sometimes small simple things can make a big difference in helping plan your time and stick to your goals. In addition to writing down goals and to-do lists, there are two simple practices that… Read more

Too many passwords to keep track of?

Coming up with a new password every time you create a web login account that is strong and simple enough to remember is not easy. Many people put themselves at risk of being hacked by using the same weak password (like abcd/1234 or their names) for multiple accounts since it is hard to remember dozens of… Read more

Do you get Easily Distracted, Find it Hard to Focus?

Many talented people full of creative energy and innovative ideas find it challenging to focus, particularly on tasks they find uninteresting or tedious such as paperwork, filling out forms, filing, and other routine tasks. The distractions of the internet, media, more stimulating projects and engaging with others can pull people in lots of different directions, often all at once,… Read more

Debbie Rosemont Speaking on the Pitfalls of Multitasking

Debbie will be a guest on the SPEAK with Power Show with Leo Novsky (@leonovskyspeaks) Monday, February 1st at 9:30am PST. We will be discussing Multitasking Makes You Stupid.  You won’t want to miss it. Here is the link for the show: If you’re not familiar with Blab, it is a video streaming platform that allows you to… Read more

Pretend You Are Moving to Help Down-Size and Declutter

Moving to a new home or workspace, even in the best of circumstances, causes stress and comes with emotional, physical and monetary costs.  Oftentimes these costs are higher because people have neglected to deal with clutter.  When moving time comes you either have to deal with all of the clutter all at once, move it… Read more

Find Time Friday: Schedule a Clean Out Day

Moves, whether residential or business, can be chaotic. In Corporate moves, one aspect of moving is often overlooked – the clean out day! You can save time and money when you’re moving simply by tossing out things that just aren’t up to making the trip. Moving is one of the best times to get rid these unneeded items. Check… Read more

Tech Talk Thursday: Online Lists for the List Lover

Do you love to make lists? Do you feel like something isn’t really complete until you can physically cross it OFF your list? If that sounds like you, then check out Listplanit – a wonderful online library of printable lists for anything and everything life might throw your way. On you will find lists… Read more

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