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The Benefits of Effective Delegating

The Benefits of Effective Delegating

What does delegating mean to you? By definition, it means to entrust or transfer (as power, authority, or responsibility) to another. For most of us, though, it is just means to “ask for help”. But when should you delegate, or why would you want to? What are some of the benefits of effective delegating? Join… Read more

What You Need to Know About Time Management

“Time Management is the key to success”, said Debbie Rosemont, in a recent interview with “Time management is about planning and thoughtfulness. We can’t fabricate more time. We only have 24 hours in a day, so we really have to be thoughtful about how we use our time. This way, we get the important… Read more

Leading Your Team to Success

Leading Your Team to Success People are often are promoted to leadership, management or executive positions because they have a highly developed skill set or many years of experience. However, even the most experienced and skilled people have areas in which they could benefit from additional training or support. Smart companies invest in their leaders because they understand… Read more

Open Office Spaces; Do They Help or Hurt Productivity

Collaboration Nation: Benefits and Drawbacks of Open Office Spaces How many offices have you worked in? If you’ve worked in more than one place, it’s likely that you’ve been exposed to an open office. Starting in the 1970s, these office types—usually with short or no walls—started to take hold, and now up to 70 percent… Read more

5 Ways to Create a Culture of Self Care and Improve Productivity

We are pleased to bring this guest post to you, written by Stacy Fisher- Gunn … Creating a culture of self-care can improve team collaboration, productivity and performance. While most of us inherently understand the benefits of staying well, self-care continues to be a powerful, yet underutilized, tool in the workplace. Self-Care is a preventive health… Read more

Employee Turnover Costs More Than You Think

It is a well known fact that employee turnover is a high cost for companies, but the true extended costs and the many ways high turnover impacts businesses extend well beyond just the “hard” costs of recruiting and hiring. To be successful, businesses must not only find the best employees, but also train and support… Read more

Do You Have An Accountability Partner?

If you have ever had a running or workout partner, you have likely experienced how much it helped you stay on track with your fitness goals to have a partner to run or exercise with. Making the commitment to stick to your goal can be much easier when you’ve told someone else that you’ll be there at 6am, rain or shine,… Read more

Who Is Your Accountability Partner?

Smart companies and employers understand that accountability partnerships are effective not just for achieving personal goals. Peer-based accountability partnerships at work are also very effective in helping employees reach business goals, and can have a significant impact not only on employee satisfaction but also on the bottom line. Different than mentorship, which is a more hierarchical relationship, a peer-to-peer relationship… Read more

One Text Message Can Change Your Life

Did you know that one short text message has the power to significantly change your life? It may seem hard to believe, but if used intentionally as part of your productivity tool set, a text message to your accountability partner can play an important part in helping you achieve your goals. Here’s one small example of how this… Read more

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