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Save time and money on meal preparation

Save time and money on meal preparation

Do you get overwhelmed with the process of meal planning?   Are you making several trips a week to the grocery store?  How often do you buy duplicates of something you already have in your pantry because you just can’t find it?  We love to consult with our clients on time management & organizing, especially around the… Read more

Better Together

Looking for a great mentor to guide you in your business? Consider an accountability partner. My relationship with with my accountability partner, Jan Wencel of Spark Productivity was recently mentioned in the Toilet Paper Entreprenuer (TPE) Blog and in the July 2009 Issue of the Women Business Owners Digest. Jan and I met over 3 years ago… Read more

Declare Your Independence From Clutter This Month

Declare your independence from clutter this month. Make it easy. Take just  15 minutes per day to clear clutter from one drawer, surface, or area of a room/office. A lot of people feel overwhelmed by the task of organizing. Sometimes it helps to really break the project down into small, bitesize, manageable pieces. We may say… Read more

The Gift of Time

I taught a GO System class to a group of Comcast employees last week and got a great email from one of the attendees the following day. He wrote, Great Class, There are not very many classes that you are able to start using immediately, and see results.  Thanks for giving me the gift of time…. Read more

Get the big rocks in first!

I often talk about the 80/20 Priciple when working with people to determine their priorities and help them figure out how to get those priorities done. The 80/20 Principle, otherwise know as Pareto’s Principle, says that we get 80% of our results from 20% of the work that we do. If we’re able to identify… Read more

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