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Wellness Wednesday: Getting Stress-Relief from Your Vacation

Wellness Wednesday: Getting Stress-Relief from Your Vacation

When we are planning and picturing our vacations, we see ourselves sipping drinks on the beach somewhere doing absolutely nothing but for many workers that isn’t the reality. Many of us report that we don’t get any stress relief from taking a vacation, and more than 27% actually feel more stressed after returning from vacation than… Read more

Wellness Wednesday: 5 Health Benefits of Being Organized

Being disorganized affects more than just your environment – it also has a strong relationship with your level of health and well-being. Clutter and chaos can make us feel overwhelmed and out of control, contributing to increased levels of stress in our bodies, lives, and relationships. If you struggle with disorganization and time management and… Read more

Wellness Wednesday: Planning to be Spontaneous

As you may have guessed, I’m a planner. I can’t fight it, nor do I want to – it’s part of my success as an Organizer! I believe that failing to plan is planning to fail, and I like the feeling of being prepared. My dear spouse, on the other hand, is the poster child… Read more

Wellness Wednesday: A Natural Remedy for Overindulgence

For many of us, summer is a time of heightened activity that often involves food. Backyard barbecues, picnics in the park, weekend weddings and patio parties beckon us to eat, drink, and make merry. It can be easy to accidentally overindulge and wind up with a tummyache. Of course, prevention (making healthy choices) is the… Read more

Tech Talk Thursday: Save Time by Buying Groceries Online

As Summer finally comes to the Northwest, I am reminded of just how busy I get when the weather turns warm. It’s a good kind of busy, favoring plenty of outside adventures and picnics in the park (in addition to working with our wonderful organizing and productivity consulting clients, of course). Since I still only… Read more

Wellness Wednesday: Improve your Diet, Improve your Productivity

It’s an overstimulating, highly active world that we live in. ADD/ADHD diagnoses are on the rise, and yet that behavior is encouraged when we are expected to multi-task in the workplace. If you or someone you love has been having trouble focusing at school or at work, you may want to examine your eating habits…. Read more

Tech Talk Thursday: Recharge with a Digital Makeover

Over the Memorial Day holiday I had the opportunity to visit some friends out of state. It was an action-packed mini-vacation, and there was very little opportunity for “screen” time: checking email, social media, web surfing, watching TV, and so on. Instead, we spent our time together connecting and conversing, walking and talking. I’ll admit,… Read more

Tech Talk Thursday: Party Planning Made Easy

  We may be back from Spring Break, but we’ve still got fair weather and festive times on the mind! If you’re working on planning your next Spring fling, then check out one of my favorite online tools for event organization: Punchbowl ( The basic service is free, and it guides you through the party… Read more

Tech Talk Thursday: Pack Like a Champion with Packing Pro

  Recently while preparing for my Spring Break Hawaiian getaway, I was in the middle of juggling a big project for work and scads of personal obligations. I found my time growing shorter and more precious as the days ticked off the calendar while at the same time my to-do list was growing longer and… Read more

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