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Stuck on the Ceiling?

Stuck on the Ceiling?

Don’t you just love the Peeling Mom Off the Ceiling logo (shown here)? Those of you that can relate to the woman in that picture, please make sure to check out our guest blog post on the Peeling Mom Off the Ceiling website/blog. I write about multitasking not being all its cracked up to be. If… Read more

Driven to Distraction

In 2007 in Washington State a law passed that made it illegal to talk on a cell phone while driving without a head-set. However, it was a secondary offense, meaning one could only get a ticket if there was another infraction committed, such as speeding, or swerving. The legislators noticed that despite the law, there… Read more

Celebrating Women in Business

On May 4, 2010 from Noon to 4:30pm the Sammamish Chamber of Commerce will be Celebrating Women in Business.  The keynote speaker, Liesbet Trappenburg will present “You are Not Your Job!  Creating Sustainable Work/Life Balance.” Debbie has been asked to be one of three break-out speakers for this exciting event.  Debbie will be teaching “Multitasking Makes you Stupid.”  Learn why… Read more

Enjoying the Quiet

Life and work have been pretty “loud” lately. Business is thriving at Simply Placed and we’re doing some great things. Personally, I’ve had a significant event in our family, as my daughter prepared for and completed her Bat Mitzvah. That included a great deal of coordination and celebration with all the elements of planning a… Read more

Race to Nowhere

We recently came across this trailer for a documentary called “Race to Nowhere.”  This trailer shows how our kids are under so much pressure to perform well in school and extracurricular activities that they are feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and unhappy.  According to the students and teachers interviewed for this documentary, students are spending countless hours on homework each night,… Read more

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