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Wellness Wednesday: Planning to be Spontaneous

Wellness Wednesday: Planning to be Spontaneous

As you may have guessed, I’m a planner. I can’t fight it, nor do I want to – it’s part of my success as an Organizer! I believe that failing to plan is planning to fail, and I like the feeling of being prepared. My dear spouse, on the other hand, is the poster child… Read more

Toss Luggage and Travel Bags: Tuesday Ten Minute Toss Challenge

Time for the Tuesday Ten Minute Toss Challenge! RIGHT NOW spend 10 minutes tossing old luggage and travel bags out of the storage areas in your home. Do you have old travel bags with holes, luggage with one wheel that sticks or a rolling suitcase with a broken handle? Is your closet stuffed with more… Read more

Tech Talk Thursday: Pack Like a Champion with Packing Pro

  Recently while preparing for my Spring Break Hawaiian getaway, I was in the middle of juggling a big project for work and scads of personal obligations. I found my time growing shorter and more precious as the days ticked off the calendar while at the same time my to-do list was growing longer and… Read more

Toss Junk Out of Your Car’s Trunk: Tuesday Ten Minute Toss Challenge

Time for the Tuesday Ten Minute Toss Challenge!  RIGHT NOW spend 10 minutes tossing junk out of your car’s trunk!  Do you have old mail, grocery bags you’ve been meaning to recycle, or who knows what else lurking in your trunk? Maybe you have blankets or sports gear back there that needs to come inside?  Ten minutes is enough… Read more

Are you ‘Good to Go’ for 520 Tolling?

Its here! After many announcements over the past year about “upcoming” tolling on the 520 bridge connecting the Eastside communities with Seattle, today is the day that tolling officially begins. The Washington State Department of Transportation is encouraging drivers to get their Good to Go pass.  Buying a pass will save you money when you need… Read more

5 Tips for Organized Holiday Travel

Traveling during the holidays can be downright stressful, especially if your plans include a few stops at our nation’s airports.  So to make your season more organized and joyful we have complied the best tips for holiday air travel. Wrap gifts after you arrive at your final destination.  Don’t wrap gifts and packages if you’re planning on carrying them on board.  All… Read more

Organize Bags with the Tote Buddy

Reduce, reuse, recycle. These days, many people are doing their part to purchase items or take action steps that are eco-friendly. Green household cleaning products, saving water, using less energy, the list goes on. But sometimes, “going green” may sound easier than it actually is. Take reusable grocery bags for example. A wonderful invention, but do you… Read more

All Work & No Play = Lower Productivity

This week when I flipped my calendar forward to the month of May, I happily saw the little palm tree I had drawn a few months back signifying my vacation to Maui! While I am beyond excited to escape this damp, dark weather, I realized I only have a little over a week before I leave. Far… Read more

Don’t Wait – Plan Your Summer Now!

Can you believe that summer is just a few months away?  I know if you’re in the Puget Sound area it is hard to imagine with all this rain, but the countdown for summer has definitely begun.  It may seem crazy, but if you haven’t already, it is time to start making your summer plans.  Minimally, this will… Read more

Lipstick, The Economy and Organization

This week we are excited to present you with a guest post from the lovely and talented Veronica Mayo. A former airline marketing executive, Veronica was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug which led her to develop her own line of cosmetic bags in 2009. As a self-described lipstick addict, she shares some great tips and tricks… Read more

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