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Do You Need an Email Intervention? Join us on March 22nd

Do You Need an Email Intervention? Join us on March 22nd

Is email running your day? Are you overwhelmed by the volume you receive? Are you using your email inbox for 2 purposes it wasn’t intended for? Are things slipping through the cracks? Would you like to save time each day? Our Email Intervention Class is back by popular demand! Join us Friday March 22nd at the Sammamish… Read more

Tech Talk Thursday: De-stress Your Dinner Date with OpenTable

This week’s Tech Talk Thursday is our Valentine’s Day gift to you! In case you’ve been procrastinating making that dinner reservation for you and that special someone, here’s a resource that will help you de-stress that date and secure a spot for you and your sweetie. OpenTable is a free online database of more than… Read more

Tech Talk Thursday: Empower Your Clients with TimeTrade Online Scheduling

As a small business owner, do you spend too much time trying to match schedules with clients? Do you want to empower your clients to have more autonomy when booking appointments with you? If you’re looking for one more way to streamline this process, then check out the online scheduling software TimeTrade. TimeTrade makes it… Read more

Monday Mom’s Moment: Organized Family Car

The family car usually looks like you live in it. It contains everything your family needs to make it through school, activities, work,  meals and more. The family car can easily become filled with “stuff.” Follow our tips to make your family’s car organized and safe. 1. Only keep necessary items in the drivers area like… Read more

Tech Talk Thursday: The Push for a Paperless Office

We’ve written about the benefits of going to a paperless filing system before, and while there’s still no such thing as a 100% paperless life, reducing the volume of paper coming into your life is definitely a good thing. We continue to see the pain that comes with having too much paper clutter, and now… Read more

Wellness Wednesday: Reduce Car Travel Stress this Holiday Season

Hitting the road during the holidays can be stressful for several reasons. The cost of a long car trip keeps rising with the cost of gas. Not to mention,  traffic can be a nightmare as you sit idle on the freeway with everyone else trying to make it to their holiday dinner, Grandma’s house and New Year celebrations…. Read more

Tech Talk Thursday: Trade Your Unwanted Electronics for Cash

With the holidays upon us and new toys on the way, today we encourage you to make room for the new by tossing the old: gather your old cell phone, laptop, external hard drive, digital camera, computer peripherals – even DVDs – that you no longer use. Then, visit and trade them for cash! Gazelle… Read more

Toss Media: Tuesday Ten Minute Toss Challenge

Time for the Tuesday Ten Minute Toss Challenge! RIGHT NOW spend 10 minutes tossing media you can’t play or view anymore – cassette tapes, video tapes, DVDs, film canisters and partially used disposable cameras. Do you have a drawer, shelf, box, or entertainment center stuff with VHS tapes even though you’re without a tape player? Are old… Read more

Tech Talk Thursday: Check Email Intermittently

Feeling bogged down by your inbox at work? Do you find yourself constantly distracted by incoming messages? Prevent email from creating interruptions throughout your day. Instead, select an interval that you’ll check your email to see if anything needs immediate action or a quick response. This could be every 30 minutes, every hour, or perhaps… Read more

Tech Talk Thursday: Disconnect for Thanksgiving Dinner

Happy Thanksgiving to you! Today’s TTT is short and sweet – simply put, we at Simply Placed hope you enjoy a wonderful day filled with family, friends, and fun. And while you’re indulging in the decadence of the day, consider putting yourself on a brief technology diet. Instead of bringing your smart phone or tablet… Read more

Tech Talk Thursday: Do Something Big before Email

Do you dread hitting the office every morning only to see how many new emails you’ve received in just one night? Do you wonder how you’ll ever be able to get your work done and respond to all of those messages? We have a tip for you: stop letting email guide your work and progress… Read more

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