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What is the Real Cost of Disorganization at Work?

What is the Real Cost of Disorganization at Work?

The Cost of Disorganization Have you ever wondered how much disorganization is costing you or your business? According to the Inc. Magazine, employees waste an average of 4.3 hours every week looking for things that they have but can’t find. Time wasted looking for documents, electronic files, important emails and other things is lost productivity… Read more

Disorganization Is Costing You More Than You Think

Have you thought about what disorganization is costing you in your work? Whether it is in time, money, or stress – it is more than you think. It is hard to be creative, innovative and make a difference when you’re spending your day under a mountain of paper and Email. When you struggle with too… Read more

Declutter Your Desk in 5 Minutes a Day

Is the clutter on your desk getting in the way of your productivity? Whether you are a business professional or a student, it is important to have a work space that encourages productivity. Mountains of paper, office supplies, leftover lunch, and who knows what else can make your desk look like a war zone. Piles of… Read more

What is Disorganization Costing Your Business?

Have you ever calculated what disorganization is costing your business? In our current newsletter, we’ve included a disorder calculator that can help to put the financial costs of disorganization into concrete terms. Plus, you’ll find a list of common situations when being more organized can save you time, stress and money! Also, if you’d like to… Read more

What Could Your Business Do With $69,000?

Our last post touched on the costs of disorganization – salary dollars lost due to time wasted looking for things, and some of the more hidden but significant costs such as poor customer service, lost sales opportunities, higher employee turnover, and lower client retention. Even if you are already thinking that you or your employees would benefit from… Read more

How Much Can You Save by Managing Email More Effectively?

Have you ever thought about how much poor email habits might be costing you or your business? If employees have not learned good habits for managing email productively, the costs can be surprisingly high. Employees who feel buried and overwhelmed by their email experience more stress and are often less likely to conduct prompt follow up, resulting in poorer customer… Read more

Calculate the Costs of Disorganization

Have you ever calculated how much the time you or employees spend looking for things is costing your business? To put the financial costs of disorganization into concrete terms, here is a simple formula. If you spend just 5 minutes of every hour of an 8-hour work day looking for things, that adds up to 40… Read more

What Are You Paying For Digital Disorganization?

The costs of digital disorganization are similar to those of all other forms of disorganization: wasted time, increased stress and missed business opportunities, among others. Without a well-defined system for saving, naming and storing digital files, employees can waste a lot of time looking for electronic documents. According to a 2010 study conducted by P-Touch, 66%… Read more

How Much Is Disorganization Costing Your Business?

This month we will be focusing our blog on the costs of disorganization, particularly in the workplace. While the financial cost to employers is significant, the true costs of workplace disorganization go far beyond only monetary loss. Employee productivity and morale, as well as customer service, loyalty and reputation are also negatively impacted by workplace… Read more

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