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How to Remember to do Semi-Annual Tasks

How to Remember to do Semi-Annual Tasks

We’re offering a friendly reminder to set your clocks back an hour this Saturday night. Changing clocks twice a year is a strong habit in this part of the country.  As organizers we look for strong, well-established habits to use to help cue and establish new habits.  Consider the possibilities for establishing some new habits… Read more

How to Organize Your Hardware and Tools

Want to be able to easily find the right screwdriver for the job when you need it? Need to corrall all of the bits and pieces of “hardware” in your home? In this short video, answering a blog reader question, Certified Professional Organizer Debbie Rosemont of Simply Placed gives strategies to help you organize your… Read more

Effective Email Management tips shared with Smead

How to Overcome Procrastination: Podcast

Recently Debbie Rosemont collaborated with Smead to produce a podcast to help people overcome procrastination.  In this 23 minute production available in both video or audio-only, you’ll learn about why we procrastinate (and we all do!) and strategies for over-coming procrastination. Watch or listen here. If you struggle with procrastination and would like one-on-one consultation, contact… Read more

Time Timer

Stay on Task with a Timer

Use a timer to get you going or keep you going on a task that you’ve been putting off or procrastinating.  There are a variety of ways a timer can help you improve focus and productivity.  Some ways include: helping you stay on task for the designated period of time, helping you not hyperfocus and… Read more

Organize Your Collection of Gift Cards and Coupons

What good are gift cards and frequent buyer cards if they are stuffed in a desk drawer in your office or laying out on a counter at home and you’re at the store? Use some sort of tool or container to keep them organized and keep them with you. One we like is the Card… Read more

Here’s a Trick to Help You Start and Keep a New Habit

What can a toothbrush do to help you start and maintain a new habit?  Read on and watch the video to find out how this small item can make a big impact on improving your productivity. Changing behaviors is a key component of improving organization and productivity.  Making new behaviors routine and habitual ensures the… Read more

Organized Student: How to Organize School Work

Do you have a disorganized student? Watch Debbie’s video blog for some quick tips that could help your student stay organized at home and at school. Do you and your student need some hands-on help? Visit the Organize Your Student page on our website for more information on how we can help and get the… Read more

Monday Mom’s Moment: Transform Chores into Fun Family Traditions

Are chores a drag in your home? Do you have a tough time getting everyone in the family to commit to participating in their weekly housework? Watch Debbie’s video blog for tips on making household chores a fun family tradition. How do you keep chores fun in your home? Let us know!  

Video: Simply Placed at Home

We invite you to check out another of our newest videos, Simply Placed at Home, where a couple of our residential clients discuss in their own words what impact Simply Placed has had on their home and lives.  Hear the impact Simply Placed, Professional Organizing and Productivity Consulting, made for Letitia and Leslie. For more videos from Simply Placed,… Read more

Simply Placed at Work – a new video!

Check out one of our newest videos, Simply Placed at Work featuring two of Simply Placed’s commercial clients: Nicole Turner, Executive Assistant at a Fortune 500 Company and Kirsten O’Malley, Executive Director of the Pacific Learning Academy. Listen as Kirsten and Nicole talk about the impact Simply Placed made for their work. More videos can be found on our You Tube channel…. Read more

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