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How to Clean Out Your “Closet” For a Productivity Transformation

Achieve goals with a productivity transformation

What does a productivity transformation have to do with closet organization? Have you used time during the pandemic to clean out a closet or a other physical space in your home ? 

Have you gone through the exercise of removing the things that aren’t your style anymore, items you don’t use or that just aren’t serving their purpose? How does it feel empty your closet of items that no longer serve you (and as such, are getting in your way) and to organize the items that remain and make you feel great so that you can function with greater joy and ease, saving time in the process?

This analogy can be applied if you’re wanting a productivity transformation or when you have goals you’re trying to reach. Whether you are cleaning out a literal closet, or a figurative “closet” of work, time, wellness, relationships or other; both can leave you feeling lighter, happier, more accomplished and ready to take on the next challenge ahead.

Out with the old and in with the new

Have a goal you’re trying to reach but you aren’t making the progress you’d like? “Clean out” that which is getting in your way. Consider what you could “add in” (like a new habit or routine) to help reach your destination.  Commit to taking action. Here are some steps to take:

  1. Be clear on what you want and why you want it (for the space, for the goal, with your time, in your life, etc.)
  2. Assess your current situation
    • What’s working?
    • What’s not working?
    • What items, thoughts, time demands, relationships, activities (depending on the goal you’re pursuing) are helping, adding value, serving you well and are needed to serve you today and get you where you want to go?
  3. Clear the clutter
    • Let go of what’s not serving you
    • Release items, thoughts, time demands, relationships, activities, etc that are keeping you from achieving your goal, that are getting in your way, keeping you weighed down or holding you back.
  4. Arrange your things, plan your time, establish new systems, routines and habits that support your vision, your goals, and enable you to move productively toward your desired results.
  5. Build in breaks and downtime.
  6. Measure, adjust, review and tweak all of the above as you hit milestones (or not).
  7. Ask for help* if you’re feeling like you’re not making the progress you want, are overwhelmed, need new ideas, are spinning your wheels, need accountability or want a partner to make this easier.
  8. Celebrate the results.
  9. Rinse and repeat.

*Psst … we’re here to help

If you’ve tried doing this on your own but have found it challenging, Simply Placed can partner with you. We’ll assess your current situation, learn what you want to achieve, and help you implement an action plan. 

Whether physical or metaphorical clutter, time demands, or distractions stand in your way, we help clear that “clutter”. We then help you implement new systems and strategies and hold you accountable for taking effective action consistently. This will help you to be more productive and have an easier time getting the results that you want.

Our Six-Month Productivity Transformation Package is one of our most effective and personalized ways to meet people where they are at and deliver our most customized, sustainable strategies, productivity coaching and accountability services. The six-month time frame allows for a transformation that can have significant impact to your work and to your life. 

Let us know how we can help you to clear out what’s not serving you. We can then help add new systems and routines to your life or work so that you reach your goals. We’d be honored to be a resource and partner with you in your success! Schedule a no-cost, no-risk Discovery Call to ask about our Six-Month Productivity Transformation Package and explore what it might be like to work together. It’s never too late to move forward with your goals! The next six months will pass no matter what – where do you want to be at that time?

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