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Clearing Clutter at Home Can Increase Productivity at Work

clear clutter at home to improve work productivity

Looking to increase productivity at work? Clear clutter at home!

The Simply Placed community this month has been participating in a 30-Day Practical Minimalism challenge. Much of the clutter clearing has been done in our personal lives, but we wanted to address why this is relevant to our business clients and professional community.

Clutter at home can serve as a source of stress, distraction, and cost time and money. Being surrounded by clutter can effect you, emotionally, physically, energetically and can impact your ability to get to work on time, have what you need when you need it and focus on your priorities while you’re there.

When there is too much “stuff” in your life, you can feel overwhelmed and weighed down without knowing why.  Your energy level is compromised and you can’t think clearly. Clearing clutter from your home can actually increase your productivity at work.  When your surroundings at home are “lighter” and more organized, you will feel more energetic, less stressed and have one less source of frustration.  You will also find that you are able to focus more easily on priorities at work because your mind isn’t as cluttered. Yes, there is a correlation between what’s happening on the outside in your space and how you feel on the inside.

Clearing clutter at home will also help you get out the door faster in the morning.  When your bedroom, bathroom and closet are organized, getting dressed and ready in the morning is simplified. It becomes faster to go through your morning routine, get dressed, and prepare for the day. Accessorizing is easier. Finding things for your work bag or purse, like your keys, phone, planner, and other essential items you need to take with you to the office happens without an extra expense of energy.

An organized and clutter free kitchen means you can fuel up for the day with less stress. Your morning coffee, breakfast, and even the lunch you grab will be done without wasted time or friction. You’ll save money from not eating out as much. You’ll likely make healthier choices, positively impacting your overall wellness.

If you have children, clearing clutter at home means that their things too are pared down to the items they need and use, and organized in such a way that enables them to get ready quickly and easily in the morning. Who wouldn’t want to hear less of “Mom, I can’t find my ……”, where you know you’ll have to stop what you’re doing to help search, and/or be late out the door once again.

No more frazzled, hectic and energy-draining mornings!

Clearing clutter at home also frees your mind so that while you’re at work you can focus on your priority tasks. In general, you’ll have less distraction in your life. Less physical clutter means less mental clutter. A little extra time saved each morning might mean getting into the office on time, fresh and ready to go. What would an extra 30 minutes a day of productive, energetic, focused work mean to your results?

What Now?

Spend some really looking at what you have, decide what you can actually live without or what might be getting in your way of the organized and productive life you’d like to live, clear it out, and let us know if you see and feel the difference.

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