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Consider a Self-Storage Unit as an Organization Solution

Are you downsizing your home? Have you recently moved or maybe you have large items you don’t use often? Although we often talk about “letting go” of items and clutter in your home, we know that a storage unit can be a great solution for organizing your current or future home.

Downsizing your home is a big change and sometimes, you just have too much stuff for your space. Rarely used items in your home may be precious but they can crowd your living space. Do you have seasonal equipment?  Put your bulky ski stuff or camping equipment in a storage unit.

Have you inherited someone elses things, but aren’t ready to go through them and make decisions?  Getting a storage unit can give you some time until you’re ready.

Most people would assume we wouldn’t recommend a storage unit as a solution at all since we’re always talking about clearing clutter and letting go of things that aren’t regularly used, but often we’d recommend a storage unit to a client to help them reach their organizational goals.

Looking for a facility to store your items? Check out our service partner Issaquah Highlands Self Storage. They also have great tips for preparing your items for storage.

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Need a hand getting unpacked and put away?  Contact us about our services for getting your settled and organized for moving and storage!

How do you organize your items for storage?  We want to know!

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