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Declare Your Independence From Clutter This Month

Declare your independence from clutter this month. Make it easy. Take just  15 minutes per day to clear clutter from one drawer, surface, or area of a room/office.

A lot of people feel overwhelmed by the task of organizing. Sometimes it helps to really break the project down into small, bitesize, manageable pieces. We may say we don’t have hours to work on something, but 15 minutes is usually a window we can find in our day.

Where will you fit in the time? Combine it with another activity you love. Can you sort and toss while you watch your favorite show in the evening? Put on some upbeat music, throw open the windows for an energizing breeze and boogie your way through a corner of your space? Tackle a drawer in the kitchen while something’s cooking in the oven? Clear a cupboard in the laundry room while running a load? Stop and take a moment to purge papers from a file or two in your office while you sip on your morning coffee?

Consistant small actions can accumulate to great big results!

Imagine what you can accomplish in 15 minutes a day over the next 30 days. (That’s 7 1/2 hours of clutter clearing, by the way!) Be sure to let us know how it goes.

To our Canadian friends- Happy Canada Day (yesterday) and to our American friends – have a fun, safe and happy Fourth of July!

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  1. Betsy Talbot says:

    Debbie, this is such a good tactic! We recently covered decluttering for a month on the blog, and each step was fairly easy and not time-consuming. And the results were amazing! When you get the junk out of your life you’ll be surprised at all the good stuff that has room to come in (and by “stuff” I mean great people, activities, and energy, not actual material stuff).

    You should start advertising your happy, healthy, attractive self as the result of living a clutter-free life. You’d have converts every day!

  2. Leslie Irish Evans says:

    I’ll do it! I hereby DECLARE MY INDEPENDENCE FROM CLUTTER! (And I’m very excited that Lacey is coming next week to help “liberate” us.)

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