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Distraction: An Enemy of Productivity

If we want to get more done, we should focus, right? Easier said than done?

We now know that multitasking can be counter productive (when we do so, it takes longer to complete multiple tasks than if we were to focus on one at a time, our rate of error increases, our ability to learn new things and remember things decreases and our stress level rises – enough evidence for you?). See past posts on this topic with additional fascinating facts here and here.

So why is it so hard to focus? Even when we’re not trying to multitask, we can be distracted. We can be distracted by things around us, by technology, by other external factors (noises, smells, etc.) and by our thoughts. I recently reread and wanted to share a Psychology Today blog post by Dr. David Rock, titled Easily Distracted: Why its Hard to Focus and What to do About it. Dr. Rock talks about distraction, our brain, and some strategies to to help us focus. Thanks to Chris Crouch of DME Training for originally bringing this article to my attention. (Chris has a great blog as well, called Smart Stuff 4 Work that’s geared towards busy professionals that want to work smarter, not harder. Check it out!). Let me know what you think about the article and if its helpful to you.

Now go FOCUS and get the important stuff done!

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