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"Divide and Conquer" Your Piles with Multi-Section File Folders

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a perfect place for all your paperwork? We have a great organizational tool to help you sort through those piles and find a home for everything on your counter tops! It’s a great solution if you have both small and large items that need to be filed together.

The Divide-It-Up file folders are like a combination of a tabbed filing system and a folder with different sized pockets for all your documents from legal sized letters to tickets to small receipts for your bookkeeping needs.

The Pendaflex Divide-It-Up Multi-Section File Folders have 3 sections in 1 folder to manage multiple documents, 4 tabs to label folder and individual sections, sections closed on 2 sides for document security and a standard size folder that fits into existing filing systems.

How do you keep all your paperwork in order in your home or work filing system? We want to know!

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