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Do You Need a “Go Bag”?

Save time, money and stress with organized travel. Do You Need a Go Bag

Travel is up. Are you finding yourself traveling more, ready to travel, or dreaming about a next trip? Is travel part of your work? Do you adventure or vacation for fun and pleasure? Are you a frequent traveler? Do you sometimes need to catch a plane at a moment’s notice (or wish you could)?

A Go Bag will save you time, money and stress.

Wheels up in 30

I was inspired recently when watching the TV show “Criminal Minds”. The agents on the show are able to so quickly board a plane after learning they would need to travel. While your travel might not be so spontaneous, having a “Go Bag” will ensure that you don’t forget those items you take on every trip.

With grown kids who live in different cities, a business that’s remote, and a love for travel, I’ve been flying quite a bit lately. Most of these trips recently have been quick weekend jaunts to the same climate. It’s been pretty easy when I return from a trip, if I know I’ll travel again the next weekend, to launder clothes, and then repack them, along with the essentials that stay in my Go Bag, and I’m set to go.

If I’m going somewhere different, or need a totally different clothing options, it’s still easy to make decisions on outfits and add those things to my Go Bag quickly.

Include travel essentials that always live in the Go Bag

Think about your routine, habits and needs. Consider the items you use daily whether you are home or on the road. Fill your go bag with things like duplicate toiletries, electronics chargers, extra money, sunglasses, reading materials and snacks. This will save you time. It will reduce stress. And it can save you money; no more buying something because you forgot it at home.  Check your “Go Bag” periodically to make sure the supplies are full and you haven’t left something behind on a previous trip.

What’s in my Go Bag?

I have my Go Bag packed regularly. It contains toiletries and make-up, a small container of costume jewelry (one set of “silver”, one of “gold”), a small packing cube with underwear, socks, a swimsuit and pjs, extra device chargers, headphones, sunglasses, reading glasses, my Kindle, work laptop, laundry bag, an empty water bottle and a few snacks (protein bar, small package of nuts). From there, I just need to add workout clothes, outfits for whatever I’ll be doing, and shoes.

What is the one item you usually forget to take? Do you have a “Go Bag” and if so, what do you keep in yours?

What are some of the other ways you save time, money and stress when you travel?

Let’s adventure together

If getting yourself organized in small ways like this that make a big difference would be valuable to you, and if you want to have more time for what matters, feel calm, confident and in control, and consistently focus on priorities, then let’s explore ways to work together. Book your free Discovery Call today. Mention “travel checklist” when you schedule. We’ll be sure to send you our Business Trip Checklist as our gift to you.

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