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Do you have a “Go Bag”?

How to Prepare a Go Bag with Essentials

Are you a frequent traveler that sometimes needs to catch a plane at a moment’s notice ?

We were inspired recently when watching the TV show “Criminal Minds” by how quickly the agents on the show were able to board a plane after learning they would need to travel. While your travel might not be so spontaneous, having a “Go Bag” will ensure that you don’t forget those items you take on every trip.

Think about your routine, habits and needs. Consider the items you use daily whether you are home or on the road. Fill your go bag with things like duplicate toiletries, electronics chargers, extra money, sunglasses, reading materials and snacks. Not only does this save you time but it cuts down on stress and the expense of buying something because you forgot it at home. ¬†Check your “Go Bag” periodically to make sure the supplies are full and you haven’t left something behind on a previous trip.

What is the one item you usually forget to take? Do you have a “Go Bag” and if so, what do you keep in yours?

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