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Do You Have An Accountability Partner?

Accountability Partnerships for Employees at Work

If you have ever had a running or workout partner, you have likely experienced how much it helped you stay on track with your fitness goals to have a partner to run or exercise with. Making the commitment to stick to your goal can be much easier when you’ve told someone else that you’ll be there at 6am, rain or shine, ready to put the miles in. The same is true with professional and business goals; sharing them with someone else creates a lot more energy and momentum to follow through, keep at it, and work through challenges. An accountability partner is a highly effective tool for increasing productivity personally and professionally.

Smart companies and employers understand that accountability partnerships are effective not just for helping employees achieve personal goals. Peer-to-peer accountability partnerships at work are also very effective in helping employees reach business goals, and can have a significant impact on employee satisfaction and the bottom line. Different than mentorship, a non-hierarchical peer-based relationship is often easier to establish, and a more effective tool for making progress towards a goal.

Accountability partnerships are most successful when they are a collaboration between two colleagues who mutually like and respect each another. Understanding your personality and work style helps in creating a successful accountability partnership. To be most effective, your accountability partner should be someone you trust, who will keep you honest and moving on the path you have set for yourself.

In this short video, Debbie provides suggestions for how to create an accountability partnership to increase your productivity.

You might be surprised how motivating and powerful it can be to share your goals and plans with someone else. If you don’t already have an accountability partner, think about who you could ask to do this for you. This could be a co-worker, but many people also benefit from having an accountability partner who is outside their work organization.

Our Productivity Consultants and Professional Organizers are accountability partners for many people, helping them clarify, focus on and accomplish their professional and personal goals. If your goals include improving productivity and organization for yourself or your work team, contact us to learn how we train, coach and support our clients to help them work smarter, accomplish more in less time, and successfully achieve their go

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