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Effective Email Management: Debbie Rosemont talks to Smead

Effective Email Management tips shared with Smead
As we conclude our month-long series ‘Taming the Email Beast‘, we hope you’ve been able to implement some important systems to make your email inbox manageable!

We’ve given general effective inbox ideas, some specific to Gmail and Outlook users, Before we wrap it up and let you get on with your shiny new inbox, we’ve got a couple of videos to share.  Debbie recently was interviewed by John Hunt at Smead. She shared some of the same email tips we’ve been sharing with you this past month. Broken into two segments, these videos contain some great email management strategies. Watch below for some of Debbie’s favorite nuggets on effective email management.

If you’re ready for some help with regaining control over your email inbox, we offer an Email Intervention. We’ll work with you so that you can become both more efficient and effective with your email. You’ll save time each day to spend on what matters most to you. Who doesn’t love the gift of time?

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