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"End the Paper Pain"


Does this picture look familiar? Ok, maybe your situation isn’t this dramatic, but we know a lot of people who suffer regularly from paper pain. This pain is often accompanied by feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, frustration, sometimes even depression. Negative affects of this problem include time wasted looking for things you know you have but can’t find, increased stress and could also include a financial impact if you are incurring late fees, losing business opportunities or having to pay to replace documents you can’t find.

The fact is, we constantly have paper entering our lives. The mail arrives every day, we print things off of the computer, our children bring things home from school, service providers give us copies of important document. Statements, policies, tax related documents, invitations, notices, notes, intineraries, etc.. The list goes on and on.

If we don’t have a good filing system in place, we can be burried in paper in no time at all. Enter Simply Placed and the FreedomFiler. We love to work with clients to set up paper management systems that make sense for them. Hundreds of our clients have found that the FreedomFiler is that system. Its a great solution for home filing needs or home-based business filing needs. When set up properly it is virtually maintenance free. It provides a place for all your important paper. Both paper that you need to act on (but not right now) and paper you want or need to keep for reference finds a home in the system. Document retention is made easy as the different sections of the system “remind” you how long to keep certain documents, and the simple habits we teach with the system prompt you to move paper out of your life at the appropriate time.

Intrigued? Want to hear more? Come learn paper management techniques and set up your very own FreedomFiler system in our upcoming “End the Paper Pain” class on Monday, November 8th in Sammamish, from 6:30 – 9:00. In this hands on workshop you’ll walk away being able to:

  1. Locate the papers you need by keeping out the ones you don’t
  2. Finish your routine filing in 5 seconds or less
  3. Reduce the time and energy required to file and retrieve papers
  4. Know when to toss paper (document retention)

Ideal for your home or home-based business filing needs, this two and a half hour class will have you approaching paper in a whole new light. Dare I say you might actually begin to enjoy the filing process? Guess you will have to come and find out.

OK, Tell Me When and Where:

Instructor: Debbie Rosemont, Certified Professional Organizer of Simply Placed

Date: Monday, November 8th, 2010

Time: 6:30pm to 9:00pm

Location:  Beaver Lake Lodge –  25101 SE 24th Street, Sammamish, WA

Class Limit: 12 participants (to ensure individual attention)

FreedomFilerWhat’s it Gonna Cost Me?

  • Individual price: $149 (includes 1 FreedomFiler kit)
  • Want to bring your significant other? $198 (includes 1 FreedomFiler kit)


What Do I Need to Bring?


  • 100 Hanging file folders (legal or letter size depending on the size of your filing cabinet)
  • Clear plastic 1/5 cut tabs (should come with the hanging file folders)
  • Bankers box or plastic file container to carry your system home
  • A pile of unfiled papers you currently have on your desk, kitchen counter or other “hot spot”

Sound like the solution you’ve been waiting for? Pre-register here. If you plan to bring a significant other to the class, please call to enroll that person separately.

Need more information? Call or email us with questions at 206.579.5743 or

You have more important things to focus your time and effort on; don’t let paper pain be one of those. End your paper pain on November 8th!

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