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Enjoying the Quiet

Life and work have been pretty “loud” lately. Business is thriving at Simply Placed and we’re doing some great things. Personally, I’ve had a significant event in our family, as my daughter prepared for and completed her Bat Mitzvah. That included a great deal of coordination and celebration with all the elements of planning a large event, including some guests in town.

I’ve been enjoying the quiet of time in my car when I’m commuting lately. Typically I would listen to music on the radio, perhaps the news if I needed details about traffic, the weather forcast, or just needed an update on what was going on in my community and the world. When I didn’t have the radio on, I would often listen to a book on CD. Filling my commute time in this way was both enjoyable and felt productive. Lately though, I’ve just been enjoying the quiet. No radio, no music, no news, no book.  Its been wonderful to just “be”. Rarely do we have this opportunity.

When and where are you able to enjoy the quiet? In a favorite spot in your home? On a walk or run (me, I need the music from my iPod to keep me running)? The public library? During a daily reflection or meditation practice? Yoga class?

When this post is published, I will be enjoying vacation (automation helping me pre-write and schedule this for posting). This down-time will help me recharge my batteries and return in a better position to serve clients, encourage the Simply Placed team, market our services, and be a resource to those who need me. I will enjoy the quiet on my vacation.

Let us know how we can help you work smarter, not harder, to give you more time to enjoy some quiet in your life.

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