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Find Time Friday: Schedule a Clean Out Day

Moves, whether residential or business, can be chaotic. In Corporate moves, one aspect of moving is often overlooked – the clean out day! You can save time and money when you’re moving simply by tossing out things that just aren’t up to making the trip. Moving is one of the best times to get rid these unneeded items. Check out these tips for cleaning out before you move out:

  • Be prepared. Make sure your team members have all of the supplies they need for cleaning out their areas. Recycle, shredding and garbage containers should be at the ready. If you use a shredding service, consider scheduling an extra pickup to accommodate the additional materials that may be shredded.
  • Give clear direction. Schedule a meeting ahead of time to explain why you’re holding the clean-out day and to make sure your employees understand what is expected, including your company’s document retention policies and where they can be found.
  • Make it fun. Going through office materials can sometimes be stressful and tedious. Think of ways to help make the process fun. Play music or hold contests, such as awarding a prize to the person who gets rid of the most stuff.

Let us know if we can help you coordinate an office “dump day” – whether you’re moving or not, it can help employees eliminate clutter so that they can more easily find what they need when they need it.

How do you prepare for an office or home move? We want to know!

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